Our Lady of the Miraculous Medal

No matter how the election goes, no matter how sorrowful we may be that wrong candidates won the various elections, or how happy we may be that the right candidates won, we must stay in constant prayer. As Christians, we do not put our faith in the princes of this world, who will always fail and falter to some degree. We put our faith only in the Prince of Peace, who never fails to fulfill his promises and never falters in giving us the graces we need.

The Blessed Mother appeared to Sister Catherine Labouré in June of 1830 in a convent in Paris, France. The Blessed Mother said to Sister Catherine, “The times are very evil. Sorrows will come upon France. The throne will be overturned. The whole world will be upset by miseries of every kind.”

When Catherine’s face expressed deep sadness at these words, the Blessed Mother said, “Come to the foot of the altar. There, graces will be shed upon all who ask for them.” Home schooling families must never forget these words, that at the foot of the altar, by going to Mass and receiving Jesus in the Sacrament of the Holy Eucharist, we can receive the graces we need to overcome the evil that seems to surround us.

The Blessed Mother continued, “There will be victims among the clergy of Paris. The Cross will be treated with contempt. …Blood will flow. The whole world will be in sadness.” It is obvious that we must never forget to pray for our priests, and to pray for those in other parts of the world who suffer much more than we do. Today, we need to pray especially for the persecuted Christians in countries with Muslim majorities, and to pray for the revival of the Catholic Faith in Europe.

Catherine had been led to the convent chapel to meet the Blessed Mother in the middle of the night by a small boy in a dazzling white gown. She realized that the child was her guardian angel. Let us teach our children to depend on their guardian angels who are not only protecting us all of the time, but are leading us daily to the Blessed Mother and eternal happiness with her Divine Son.

Only a month after the appearance to Sister Catherine, rioting broke out in the streets of Paris. Rioters attacked and stormed churches and the king’s throne and property.

On November 27th, 1830, the Blessed Mother once again appeared to Catherine. She held a globe in her hand which she said represented the whole world. She wore rings on her fingers, from which rays of light extended. Suddenly a frame appeared around her with the letters “O Mary, conceived without sin, pray for us who have recourse to thee.”

The Blessed Mother explained that the many rays flowing from her fingers represented graces that she wants to give people. However, she said, many graces which she is ready to give are not even requested.

The Blessed Mother then told Catherine that she wanted a medal struck. She said, “All who wear it will receive great graces. They should wear it around the neck. Graces will abound for persons who wear it with confidence.”

It was some years later that the medal was struck and generously distributed. Reports of hundreds of miracles due to the medal came to the archbishop of Paris, and he began to have them recorded. So many people reported miracles that the medal began to be known as The Miraculous Medal.

Our Lady of the Miraculous Medal, pray for us home schooling families as turmoil in the society and in government surrounds us. Help our priests to speak out for justice. Help us to realize the inestimable value of the graces we receive from Jesus in the Holy Sacrament of the Eucharist.

Mary, conceived without sin, remind us to keep fighting for the little ones, the most defenseless, those born and unborn, who need us to protect them. O Mary, give us the special graces we need to persist in our home schooling in spite of the difficulties. Help our children to understand their importance as Catholics in the culture which awaits their spiritual leadership.

O Mary, conceived without sin, pray for us who have recourse to thee.