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Introduction to Study Skills: A Mini-course

Success in Seton Home Study School, or in any other school, depends heavily on how well you know HOW to study.  In this introductory lesson, we want to help you develop good study skills and good habits of organization in order to make the best use of your study time.

Any skill you gain is a habit.  Indeed, all learning is acquiring a habit.  When you were younger, you learned the habit of answering "four" when asked the sum of two plus two.  Any learning begins with habits.  So, the question to ask yourself is, "Am I going to have good study habits or bad study habits?"  If you develop good study habits, you will find that your work is much easier, you will obtain better grades, you will learn more quickly and with less effort, and you will progress to the next grade more quickly.

In this mini-course, we are going to review:

Why You Should Study;
The Best Place to Study;
The Best Time to Study;
The Best Way to Study;
and How to Get Help with Your Study.

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