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Questions We Are Asked – April 2011

How can I become more organized?

Organization often does not come easily, especially when you have young children. It is really impossible to put little ones on a strict daily schedule.

He Is Risen!

This month we celebrate the greatest feast of the Church year, the Resurrection of Our Lord Jesus Christ, or Easter. If this miraculous event were not also a real historical event, but merely a symbol or pious story, then Christianity would be false. St. Paul wrote to the Corinthians, “If Christ is not risen, then is our preaching vain, and your faith is also vain.” (I Cor. 15:14) St. Paul was absolutely certain of Our Lord’s resurrection as a true event because he saw the Risen Jesus in a vision. He also heard the testimony of many of the apostles and disciples who witnessed various appearances of the Risen Christ to different people in different places.

Ever Ancient, Ever New #2

One of the most famous statements of wisdom comes from Dr. Johnson, the eminent man of letters of the eighteenth century England who wrote Dictionary of the English Language, Lives of the Poets, Rasselas, and the Rambler essays. Known as a sociable, “clubbable” man who relished friendship as “the wine of life,” Johnson cultivated a large circle of friends from every walk of life and of every age.

Truth in Fiction

I have been honored and privileged over the past few years to speak at homeschool conferences across the United States and Canada. The key element in all of my talks, and the theme that binds them together, is that Western Civilization is a specifically Christian inheritance that it is the duty of parents to pass on to their children. Indeed, a failure on the part of parents to nourish their children with the cultural fruits of Christendom is tantamount to starving them of the cultural and spiritual sustenance that they need to survive as Catholics in a darkly secular world.

Under the Sea…Almost

As I have written in prior articles, my thirteen-year-old son Demetrius has long had aspirations to be a marine biologist. And as a parent who seeks to encourage his children in their dreams, for several years I have promised Demetrius that, one day, I would take him to a place in Florida where it is possible to snorkel. So a few weeks ago on a vacation with the family, I woke Demetrius early in the morning, and announced to him that his wait was over. An hour later, on a sunny, azure-blue skied, 80-degree day, we checked in, got our gear, and headed for the water. So far, so good.

Conferences – April 2011

Houston, TX. April 29-30, 2011 (Fri.-Sat.). 21st Annual Book Fair and Speakers Conference, sponsored by ARCH Catholic Homeschoolers of Houston, University of St. Thomas, 3800 Montrose Blvd., Houston, TX. Fri.: 6 PM – 9 PM; Sat.: 8 AM (Mass) – 5 PM. Info: 281-797-5578 (leave message) or or

Message for Lent 2011

The Lenten period, which leads us to the celebration of Holy Easter, is for the Church a most valuable and important liturgical time, in view of which I am pleased to offer a specific word in order that it may be lived with due diligence. As she awaits the definitive encounter with her Spouse in the eternal Easter, the Church community, assiduous in prayer and charitable works, intensifies her journey in purifying the spirit, so as to draw more abundantly from the Mystery of Redemption the new life in Christ the Lord.