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Benedict XVI, Pastoral Visit to Sulmona, Italy

Dear Friends, faith and prayer do not solve problems but rather enable us to face them with fresh enlightenment and strength, in a way that is worthy of the human being and also more serenely and effectively. If we look at the history of the Church we see that it is peopled by a wealth of Saints and Blesseds who, precisely by starting from an intense and constant dialogue with God, illumined by faith, were able to find creative, ever new solutions to respond to practical human needs in all the centuries: health, education, work, etc. Their entrepreneurial character was motivated by the Holy Spirit and by a strong and generous love for their brethren, especially for the weakest and most underprivileged.

Be Sure You Receive Email From Seton

Several families have reported lately that they did not receive email notifications from Seton after they enrolled, or uploaded work to be graded, etc. If you don’t receive these emails, chances are they are being sent automatically to your junk mail or spam folders and being deleted without ever being seen.

A New Year

As I sat down to write this article, I kept wondering what I should write about to inspire home schooling fathers for yet another school year. Let’s face it, I don’t care how much you believe in home schooling, you never look forward to Labor Day. When trips to the beach or to amusement parks give way to math books, pencil sharpeners, writing tablets, and flash cards, there’s a note of sadness. So whenever I’m tempted to dread the thought of home schooling, I try to remember why I’m doing it in the first place and what I like about it.

Using Your My Seton Page

My Seton is a part of the Seton Home Study School website which is customized for your family. A wide range of information and services are available online. Almost any information you could receive by calling Seton—grades, papers received, payments, etc.—can be found on your My Seton page. Many services, such as audio pronunciation guides and lectures, are available only on My Seton.

Questions We Are Asked – September 2010

I am not sure in which grade level my son should be enrolled for the reading class.

You might want to contact one of our elementary counselors and discuss your concerns. Sometimes students hit a plateau and need to spend more time reviewing phonics concepts.

Mother Most Faithful

On September 8, we celebrate the birthday of Mary, the Blessed Virgin Mother, who was given the special gift of choosing to be the mother of the Son of God. The Church teaches that she herself was conceived without Original Sin so that she would be the perfect sinless Mother of Jesus.

Prepare Early for High School

Home schooling students do best in high school when they start preparing themselves ahead of time. In seventh and eighth grade, students can prepare for the level of work and self-discipline and study skills that are required in high school.

Play Ball!

It had been a rough day. I was buried in paperwork at the office, two of my children were sick, and the rain had been drizzling since morning. It would be only a slight exaggeration to say that the highlight of my day had been paying the orthodontist bill. After I left work, and picked up my 11-year-old son Tarcisius (or as he is simply nicknamed, “T”) to drive him to his baseball game, there was no reason to think that this was going to be a special day.

To School or Not to School

Most homeschooling families are more relaxed over the summer. Dad flips burgers on the grill and the kitchen stays clean when meals are taken at the picnic table. Many moms—like me—find they need to convert some lazy days into school time to finish up the previous year, but most shorten the school day. All of us, however, are wistfully aware that vacation is too short, and we are planning for the upcoming year. Parents of preschoolers are especially anticipating the new academic year, and wondering when exactly is the right time to start kindergarten.

Questions We Are Asked – August 2010

I will be starting home schooling this September. What is the most useful tip you could give me?

The most important thing to remember is to stay in prayer and to keep your children saying their daily prayers. With your children, go to Mass daily and go to confession at least every other week.