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Pre-K at Home is Better!

The last several decades have seen a major change in how Americans educate their youngest children, most notably an explosion of tiny tots attending formal preschool outside the home. From all the major media outlets, parents hear, “Children must enter kindergarten ready to learn.” “Lack of readiness” is routinely blamed for poor achievement in American schools. So-called experts preach the acceptable path to follow: preschool is essential to prepare young learners by teaching necessary academic skills. Early education will foster socialization among peers. Children learn best in classes taught by teachers trained in early education, and toddlers are exposed to art, music, and physical education. They learn how to wait their turn and follow other simple rules of courtesy. They experience the diversity of modern America at an early age…

What About Today?

When Lisa and I signed up Tarcisius for his spring baseball season earlier this year, we all knew that it would be his last year in Little League. He turned 13 years old, which is too old to play any longer; so, in a sense, it’s a graduation. And like almost every kid who has ever picked up a bat, he dreamed of hitting a home run one day. (Unlike in the Major Leagues, home runs are rare in little league.) And with encouraging parents who have always told him that he would hit balls out one day, he never had much doubt that baseballs were going to be “leaving the yard.” Yet, though he had frequently come close, he had never hit a ball over the wall…

Studying for the PSAT

The PSAT test is given in October each year, usually on Tuesday and Saturday of the second week of the month. This test is used to determine the National Merit Scholarships, a program operated mostly by foundations and corporations to enable America’s top students to have funds for college…

A Foundation of Prayer

There were a lot of factors that went into our decision to homeschool back in 2003. We were a two-income family with two kids in Catholic school, Haley in kindergarten and Jacob in 3rd grade. Six weeks into that school year, however, Haley was so unhappy that we decided to bring her home. Mike worked second shift so he was home to teach her the basics. We had every intention of sending her back for 1st grade, but that year, I became pregnant with Faith. We spent a lot of time considering and praying in Eucharistic Adoration on making the leap to become a one-income, homeschooling family. We assessed our finances and realized that so much of my pay was going to private school tuition and extra activities such as horseback riding, movies, and dinner out. That realization made it easier to decide to homeschool. We’ve found that, although some months can be tight, when we leave it to God, He always makes it work for us financially…

Don’t Forget Me, Mommy!

For many years, one of the most popular requests Seton received from our enrolled families was the creation of an educational program for pre-kindergarten children. Thanks to a number of providential meetings and collaborations, we are finally able to provide this much needed service to our families.

Virtual Views

On Facebook we asked: How have you taught your pre-schoolers to pray? What was their first prayer? What prayers do they like? What about prayers before bedtime and Grace at meals?

Your Questions…Answered by Dr. Clark

Do I need to return my children’s lesson plans at the end of the year?

Yes, please return the lesson plans. Enrollments include the use of the lesson plans for the enrolled student. The lesson plans are copyrighted “intellectual property” and should not be used by other students. Lesson plans are actually rented rather than purchased.

The Mystery of the Assumption

On August 15th, we celebrate the Assumption of the Blessed Virgin Mary into Heaven. The Church teaches that her body as well as her soul was assumed into Heaven. According to tradition, the apostles discovered her missing body only a few days after she was entombed. One of the apostles was late in arriving, so the others opened her tomb for him to see her, but her body was no longer there.