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Seton Home Study School 2013 Conferences

LA, Covington—March 23, 2013 (Sat.)
Roman Catholic Homeschool Association of Louisiana “Catholic Homeschooling: A Way of Life”

St. Peter’s Catholic Church (St. Mary’s Hall)
125 E. 19th Avenue, Covington, LA 70433
After 8:30 am Mass – 5 pm
Info: Beth at 985-796-1274 or 504-220-4626 or

St. Joseph, Faithful Father

On March 19, we celebrate the feast of St. Joseph, the foster father of Our Lord Jesus Christ. St. Joseph was chosen by God to be the foster father of the Incarnate Son of God. In our current culture, with the feminist movement still strong, the importance of fathers has been denigrated, disrespected, and questioned…

Your Questions…Answered by Dr. Clark

My son has finished his math. May I buy the next book and have him start on the next grade level?

You certainly may do that, and we can record math grades for the next grade level. The next grade-level book will start out with a review of the lessons from the previous book, so he should do very well at first. However, at some point, usually about a quarter through the book, you will need him to slow down for the new concepts being presented. Sometimes the new concepts demand a little higher analysis skills for which your son may not be ready. With the higher level book, make him work out all the problems, not just some of the problems, at least initially.

A Mission at Home

On June 10, 2012, we gathered to celebrate our first 8th grade graduation from our homeschool. Our thirteen-year-old daughter, Bernadette, rejoiced that she had successfully completed nine years of Seton Home Study School. My husband and I rejoiced that with the grace of God, we had successfully educated her. At that celebration, my husband read and shared publicly, for the first time, the mission statement we had written nine years earlier…

Art Through Faith

The great art of the world is Catholic art! For anyone who believes that the purpose of art is to uplift the human spirit, this statement cannot be disputed…

Book Reports

When I first enrolled my children in the program, over twenty years ago, we were told to pick a good book and have the child write a report following some general guidelines. The present assignment–to read a set book and write the report following a provided outline–is a walk in the park, comparatively speaking. I would like to answer some of the usual questions that are asked by Seton parents…

College Prep – Make Yourself Irresistible to Colleges

Choosing a college involves forming a relationship with the institution. You will be spending a significant part of your life in this relationship. Obviously, you want to like your college. There is another side to the question, though. In order to be accepted at the college, the school must like you, too!…

Fourteen Forever

Men in our society are often criticized for being perpetual adolescents. Yeah, maybe– but it’s not all our fault. I recently did a little research into the medical facts about adolescence, and experts seem to agree that the major problems with male adolescence are things such as acne, the desire for junk food (which results in weight gain), difficulty relating to girls, and a desire for approval from peers (which manifests itself in the need for material things such as nice clothes or a flashy car)…