High School Catalog

High School Catalog

Welcome to Seton Home Study School!

And congratulations! You have taken a first step towards improving your future.

It is important during the high school years to focus on your future. If your goal is not in sight, you won’t be motivated to obtain any goal. Success is in your future if you look ahead at your long-range goals, yet daily concentrate on the steps to get you there.

Home education is a revolution in education which is taking place all over the United States. Estimates are that as many as one million students are now learning at home instead of attending a formal school.

Students learning at home usually achieve 30% higher on standardized tests than students taught in a group or a classroom. The fact is that proceeding at your own rate, at the pace that is best for you, and not for a group in a classroom, helps you to learn better.

Whether you need to slow down and take time to digest the concepts, or you need to skim over the material quickly, you decide what is the best learning rate for you, subject by subject.

You CAN do it. High school by home study can be done, but the individual student needs self-discipline and motivation. High school at home cannot be a hobby to fit in whenever the mood strikes. We will send you a Study Skills course to get you started, to help you organize your school schedule. Teachers and counselors are always available for help by phone or e-mail.

Before you start, write down WHY you want a high school education. Think about the rewards it will bring you—college, or a job, or a new career, or whatever it is you are after.

We hope your list of rewards will include spiritual growth as well. As much as possible, our courses aim to help you deal with the basic issues of life, living as a Christian in a post-Christian society. We hope a good Seton Catholic education will help you in this most important area.

So take time to read through this catalog carefully. Pray about this very important decision. If you decide to enroll with Seton, you can count on us to help you succeed.

We Can Help You…

  • If you want a good Catholic education and you cannot afford to attend the school in your area
  • If the nearest Catholic school is too far away
  • If you want a quality, superior education
  • If you are working and cannot attend classes
  • If you live too far from a good high school
  • If you are homebound
  • If you are in a military family and desire the stability and consistency that home education offers
  • If you have dropped out of school and realize you need a diploma for career success
  • If you wish to learn at your own rate instead of the rate of other students in a classroom
  • If you need a course or two to make up credit for failed courses
  • If you or your family travel and you want a stable learning situation
  • If you cannot schedule a course at your high school and need a credit