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Seton's Pre-K to Grade 12 Program

Catholic Curriculum

With over 100 titles in the exclusive For Young Catholics series, you can teach with confidence, knowing that each subject is covered thoroughly using textbooks and workbooks filled with Catholic art and content.

Lesson Plans for every day of the year

Your enrollment includes lesson plans for every subject to help you with your homeschool scheduling. Having step-by-step and day-to-day lesson plans is a main reason why parents choose Seton.

Academic Support whenever you need it

We have trained teachers and educators ready to help you with your homeschooling by phone, email, and message board. Our academic support services give you the assurance that you'll always have a helping hand if challenges arise.

Grading Services

Our expert teaching staff is available to grade your student's work. We maintain transcripts, send report cards, issue certificates upon completion of kindergarten and eighth grade, and award high school diplomas when graduation requirements have been met.

Online Resources

Our families have access to MySeton, a personalized web page for you and your student with lesson plans, tests and assignments, and easy access to grades & records. You also have access to our multimedia collection, including our popular video tutorials.


Seton Home Study School has helped thousands of families successfully homeschool for more than thirty years. We are nationally accredited by AdvancED and recognized by the Diocese of Arlington, VA as a Catholic School.

Our staff is committed to helping you give your children the best Catholic education possible. Request an info pack to find out how we can help you!




Family Testimonials

As Catholics, we are called to be saints and to raise saints.

I am so thankful for Saint Elizabeth Ann Seton’s shining example to all of us homeschoolers, and to Seton Home Study School for its Catholic curriculum that helps us to truly form our children in the faith.
- Jennifer Nelson

The years of experience with academics that Seton has is so important to me, but perhaps more importantly, I have found a wealth of strong, committed Catholics at Seton who I can count on for support and prayers. As a result, I have become a stronger, more committed Catholic.

Now there’s a benefit I didn’t expect!
- Susan Alessandrini

Seton has helped all of my children obtain an elite Catholic education, far better in quality than that available in public schools or Catholic schools. All four have gained admission to top quality colleges: the US Merchant Marine Academy, Villanova University, the US Military Academy, and Fordham University.

The values taught in the Seton curriculum, when brought to the military by Seton graduates, reinforce the traditional military virtues of duty to God and country, and enlarge the Kingdom of God on Earth.
- Captain Adams

Affordable Homeschool Tuition

As homeschoolers ourselves, we at Seton understand the challenges facing families today. That's why we do all we can to keep our tuition prices remarkably low so that whatever happens, you will never need to sacrifice the quality of your child's education.

Your tuition includes:
  • Books and Lesson Plans
  • Academic Counseling for Parents & Students
  • Grading and Record Keeping Services
  • Online Multimedia Resources
  • Access to our Thriving Online Community

The following calculator provides a general estimate of tuition costs:

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Seton has helped thousands of families
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