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In this revised edition of her first book, Dr. Mary Kay Clark examines virtually every area of home schooling. From How to Begin Home Schooling to The Socialization Issue to Home Schooling in the Large Family to Catholic Church Teachings on Marriage and Education to The Future for Catholic Home Schooling, Dr. Clark takes the reader through the home schooling spectrum.

Also included are Pope John Paul II's Letter to FamiliesKenneth Clark on Responding to AuthoritiesDr. Mark Lowery on The Father's Role in Home SchoolingCathy Gould on Teaching Children Who Learn Differently; with Introduction by Father Robert J. Fox.

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Complete description of Seton Home Study School's PreK-8 program. Explains the benefits of home schooling and answers frequently asked questions. An excellent handout for family and friends to explain why you've chosen to homeschool. Includes enrollment application with all costs and payment options. Full color. 36 pp.

High School courses described with goals, objectives, and textbooks required in this easy to use guide to Seton Home Study School's four year high school program. Whether you design your own curriculum or enroll in Seton's Accredited High School Program you will benefit from this helpful guide. Full color. 28 pp.



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