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Your Children Can Change the World!
Ginny Seuffert

It’s no surprise that leading scientists are alumni of Virginia’s Thomas Jefferson High School for Science and Technology, or that famous performers graduated from New York’s Juilliard. So, we shouldn’t be surprised that so many American leaders in business and government hail from Philips Exeter Academy, or St. Alban’s, or Groton School. These schools are focused on creating the next generation of national leaders, and they do it very well. Award winning teacher John Taylor Gatto studied these schools and distilled fourteen principles they use to accomplish this goal. In this book, Ginny Seuffert shows how Catholic homeschoolers can apply these principles in their own families

Catholic Home Schooling
Dr. Mary Kay Clark

Dr. Clark examines virtually every area of home schooling, from How to Begin Home Schooling toThe Socialization Issue to Home Schooling in the Large Family to Catholic Church Teachings on Marriage and Education to The Future for Catholic Home Schooling. This is a text which Catholic home schooling parents will refer to often, as it is advice from one who has been engaged in Catholic education for over thirty years and has spoken with thousands of home schooling parents.

Also included are Pope John Paul II’s Letter to Families; Kenneth Clark on Responding to Authorities; Dr. Mark Lowery on The Father’s Role in Home Schooling; Cathy Gould onTeaching Children Who Learn Differently; with Introduction by Father Robert J. Fox.

It Doesn’t Have to Be This Way
Ginny Seuffert

For years parents have listened to author, lecturer, and homeschool veteran, Ginny Seuffert pound home the notion that clear, confident, and consistent parenting is the key to successful homeschooling. Often parents would tell her, “I just wish I could bring you home with me. My kids just don’t want to listen or obey.” Now you can bring Ginny Seuffert to your home. This little book is short, sweet, and to the point. It is chock-full of practical, commonsense advice that has worked successfully for generations of parents. Ginny’s experience as a mother of 12 and grandmother of 18 shines through topics including: how to call a truce in the mealtime and bedtime wars, good manners, proper church behavior, building a responsible and industrious work ethic, avoiding overindulgence, and much more.

Who’s Got You
John Clark

From the unique perspective of a father of nine children, covering topics that affect nearly all dads, ranging from Little League, to cooking, to driving children all over the place, John Clark explains why, as a Catholic father, you should be “laughing instead of crying.” In an age shirking away from the responsibilities of fatherhood, he illustrates why authentic fatherhood is so important and how it can be so rewarding.

“John Clark is obviously a dedicated and loving father and husband. His insights on home schooling (and on life in general) are thought provoking and humorous.”

Ginny’s Gems:
10 Essentials for Teaching Your Preschooler at Home
Ginny Seuffert

Study after study shows that homeschooled children receive an all-around better education. The one-on-one relationship between the starter student and the teaching parent leads to astonishing academic progress. In this little book with big advice you will find:

  • Essential Toddler Do’s and Don’ts
  • How to Stimulate Your Child’s Unlimited Potential
  • Looking Ahead to Kindergarten and Beyond
  • How to Overcome Objections from Friends and Family
Ginny’s Gems:
Home Management Essentials
Ginny Seuffert

Popular speaker at Home School conferences, and home schooling mother of 12 children, Mrs. Virginia “Ginny” Seuffert, offers a straightforward, practical guide to managing your home and family life amidst the exciting challenges of home schooling your children. Ginny delivers her practical advice in her natural no-nonsense, commonsense, and humoristic manner. This great book is intentionally short so that every busy home schooling mother can benefit from reading it. Turn the messiest, unorganized house into a tidy, cheerful home! Possess the plan to keep the chaos under control while bringing a peaceful way of life to your household!

Redcoats and Rebels
Bruce T. Clark

Colonial America, April, 1775. The shot heard round the world has been fired by a British Redcoat, and an American Rebel has died. The winds of war are beginning to blow. America is divided into two distinct camps. In one are Englishmen, living in America, who still swear allegiance to England, their Mother Country. In the other, are Americans living in America, who long to shed the bonds of foreign dominance and enjoy self rule. This is a time of turmoil and unrest, a time when patriotism runs rampant, patriotism for two different causes. It is a time that is destined to pit brother against brother, and father against son. It is time when the soft sounds of liberty, a liberty that many call rebellion, have begun to gather on the wind. It is a time when only partisans live in America. By Seton Home Study School’s in-house Historian Bruce T. Clark

Numbers Up
Kevin Clark

Renowned mathematician Dr. Michael Townsend has been found lying dead on his office floor. As a world leader in the science of data encryption, Dr. Townsend has many secrets – secrets that could lead to a new understanding of the nature of the world, or to the deaths of many. The dead often carry their secrets to the grave, and someone is hoping that Dr. Townsend will stay quiet permanently. (Recommended for high school students to adults).

“In Numbers Up Kevin Clark skillfully interweaves conflicting designs: those of spies, killers, cops, blackmailers, bankers, arms dealers, and — maybe — the Designer of life. He has the reader sitting at the edge of his seat, contemplating the brutality of this world which, despite itself, hints of another.” Dr. Michael Behe, author of Darwin’s Black Box

The Custer Legacy
Bruce T. Clark

The Custer Legacy. This novel by Seton’s historian, Bruce T. Clark, takes the reader on a wild ride that contains deadly Aztec sacrifices, wary conquistadors, the call of bugles, and the clash of saber meeting tomahawk. It’s a history-mystery in which the reader meets such real-life figures as Cortez, Custer, and Crazy Horse, while sharing the adventures of an Irish soldier of fortune, a white/Indian warrior from the Virginia Military Institute, and the “detective from the Vatican” whose job it is to finally unravel all of the mysteries and recover the Custer Legacy.

Castro Conspiracy The Castro Conspiracy
Bruce T. Clark

A sweeping novel that takes place among the events surrounding US-Cuban relations in the early 1960s. Among the historical events covered are the Bay of Pigs invasion, the Cuban Missile Crisis, and the assassination of President Kennedy. While it is a story of fiction, it also teaches readers of the important events and the fateful years that helped to shape the modern world.

Could You Not Watch? Could You Not Watch? And Other Stories
Kevin Clark

This book consists of 7 short stories, written from a Catholic perspective. Some are new, and some were previously published in magazines such as The Annals of Ste. Anne de Beaupre and Hereditas.

“These are imaginative, spellbinding stories that combine suspenseful plots and luminous moral vision. As the stories move naturally from the surface of ordinary life to the depths of religious sensibility, the reader encounters the shock of moral truth that lies at the heart of the matter.” Dr. Mitchell Kalpakgian, author of Lost Arts of Modern Civilization

Blood Red Flag The Blood-Red Flag
Bruce T. Clark

An epic tale of the legendary Texican heroes and their war against violence and injustice amid the culture of early Texas. Read about the fascinating life and times of Jim Bowie, and the real story behind his deadly Bowie knife. The tale begins in 1834, two years before the Siege of the Alamo. You’ll stand along side its 187 defenders–men willing to die to bring their impossible dream to fruition. You’ll be present at the Battle of the Alamo, view the Battle of San Antonio de Bexar, and a dozen other firefights, witness the sad fate of the 342 helpless prisoners at Goliad, and be in the thick of the final battle at San Jacinto when they are all avenged. But it will be a century later before the final chapter of Jim Bowie’s career is written and the final enigma solved.

willofgod Will of God
Kevin Clark

Will Billington and his family live a peaceful life in the Plymouth Colony in the late 1600s. In a tragic farming accident, Will’s 6-year-old son Jonathon kills a little girl. The girl’s mother cannot accept that it is an accident and wants Jonathon put on trial for murder, despite his age. Will and Jonathon are from a poor family, but the girl’s mother is from a rich and powerful family, used to having their wishes obeyed. As events begin to go against Jonathon, Will must decide how far he will go in defense of his son. Does Will dare to risk all that he has and all that he believes to protect his child? (Note: due to mature subject matter, this book is not recommended for children.)