Seton Advantage

The Seton Advantage

The Value of Your Enrollment

More than just a box of books.

Every Seton enrollment includes access to academic and support counseling, grading and record keeping, and of course the solid accredited Catholic curriculum that promotes strong Catholic values in each and every subject.

Explore the following features to experience the incredible value of a Seton enrollment. 


Catholic Books and Materials

Years ago, we realized that publishers were not producing the kinds of books that families needed: solidly Catholic, academically excellent, and geared toward homeschooling.

So, we started the long-term process of writing and producing our own books, specifically designed for Catholic, homeschooling families.

Today, Seton is one of the largest publishers of Catholic textbooks in the United States. Publishing our own Catholic books has become a central part of Seton Home Study School. Producing our own books has allowed us to incorporate Catholic teachings throughout the program.

We believe that Catholic families who have chosen to homeschool their children deserve nothing less than the highest quality Catholic materials — and we continually strive to meet their expectations.

Proven Program for Success

Seton employs a common sense approach to education. At Seton, we stress the need to create a firm foundation in basic Catholic education.

We focus special attention on the study of the basics of the English language, writing, literary analysis, reading, mathematics, the history of Western Civilization, and Catholic culture.

We consistently refer to the lives of the saints, the Bible, prayer, and the teachings of the Church in all subjects. Above all, the Seton curriculum is Christ-centered and built around a single idea: support parents in their role as the primary educators of their children.

Flexible Lesson Plans

Seton’s detailed Lesson Plans are academic, faith-centered parent guides, carefully designed to remove the stress of planning your daily lessons.

These Lesson Plans provide a daily schedule of assignments. The Lesson Plans can be adjusted in the Teacher’s Plan Book and they can be adjusted online and printed out for each day.

Because every child is unique and may need different levels of study in certain areas, the Lesson Plans indicate what is required, optional, and supplemental. You can then adjust the Lesson Plans to meet the needs of your child and family.

Counseling Services

Seton enrollment includes access to our professional academic counseling for students and for the parent-teacher.

Our counselors are available for every subject and Grade level. They are even available to offer advice on topics like organization, general homeschooling, and family issues relating to homeschooling.

Seton’s teachers and counselors are eager to assist you in making your Seton experience a successful one. With a Seton counselor just a phone call or email away, you are never alone in your journey.

National Accreditation

We know that Seton offers a superior education, but accreditation is a way for the rest of the world—including college admissions officers and school superintendents— to know that Seton adheres to the highest professional standards and offers an education equal to other prestigious schools.

Seton’s accreditation enhances the value of a Seton diploma and transcripts.

Moreover, in the event a student returns to private, Catholic, or public school, accreditation smooths the transition. With an accredited transcript from Seton, you can be confident that other schools or colleges will recognize our credits because we are accredited by the very same agency, AdvancED, that accredits many of the public schools.

Grading and Record Keeping

Seton provides report cards for students and keeps all student records. We maintain transcripts, send report cards, issue certificates upon completion of kindergarten and eighth Grade, and award High School diplomas.

Tests are usually submitted to Seton for grading about every nine weeks. Along with the tests, the parent-teacher sends a quarterly report form, which includes the student’s Grades for weekly assignments. Tests and report forms can be sent via the Internet or the mail. Our staff will then Grade your child’s tests and record the Grades on the report card.

Our staff constantly strives to maintain a close, supportive relationship with parents so that we can support your family’s specific needs and goals.

Flexible Enrollment & Scheduling

The beginning and end of the school year, as well as the timing and length of breaks during the year, is up to you. Some families homeschool the usual 9 to 10 months while others homeschool year round.

There is no requirement that you begin or end your school year on a specific date. In fact, you could enroll in April, but have the books sent out in August.

We also have a half-year enrollment option. With a half-year enrollment, you receive all of the same books, but only submit Graded work for two quarters. The enrollment lasts for 6 months instead of a full year, and you receive a tuition discount.

Testing Services

A Seton enrollment starts helping you from the very beginning. In addition to Dr. Clark’s book, Catholic Homeschooling, and a welcome packet, you will receive an assessment test designed specifically for the Seton curriculum.

For example: a student entering the 3rd Grade, would take an end of 2nd Grade test that covers reading, grammar, and math skills to ensure that he/she has the skills necessary for the expected Grade level.

After you submit the test to Seton, a counselor will review the test results and contact you. If the test discloses a weakness, the counselor will work with you to adjust the curriculum if necessary.

For example: a new student might have scored low in math. After consultation, you and the counselor may agree on a third Grade curriculum, but with second Grade math to build up the weak skill level.

At the end of the enrollment each year, Seton provides an assessment test upon request. This test evaluates the success of the student’s progress for that school year.

The assessment test also measures the student’s skill levels in various language arts and math areas.