Teaching Active Boys

As a homeschooling mother of seven sons, and growing up as the oldest in a family with five younger brothers, I had a good amount of experience with active boys. Mothers of active children must learn pretty quickly about the ways such boys learn and about the ways to adapt teaching methods to active children, both boys and girls…

Boys Don’t (Usually) Like to Write

Parents often call our counselors and tell them that their boys don’t like to write. What many do not realize, unless they have several sons, is that most boys don’t like to write. Young boys don’t like to write because their fingers are not adept at writing small letters on a piece of paper, and they usually take a little longer than girls to develop a vocabulary and even develop speaking skills. Parents need to be patient with their sons whose brains are working fine, but writing skills come a little slower than parents want them.

Boys Like Active Learning

Many of our calls come from moms who have active boys who don’t want to sit down and do their schoolwork. Moms—as well as classroom teachers—know that boys don’t like to sit still. Some teachers have even added stationary bicycles and other simple exercise equipment to give boys an opportunity to take a quick minute to get some exercise.