Let the Children Come to Me

I am currently in my third year of homeschooling with Seton Home Study School. This year my preschooler attends a private half-day program. While Brycen is at school, we complete the majority of the work for my 1st, 4th, and 6th graders. Breelyn, my beautiful new baby girl, joins us as we go through the boys’ lessons. Some days are cozy, heavenly days, when all the stars align and the angels sing over us. Some days are tough days—days when I find myself fantasizing about running back to the public school and dropping off the boys…

Conversations with Children

One morning a short while ago, I woke up before the rest of the family and started making myself breakfast. Roused from the smell of coffee, my five-year-old daughter Dominica wandered downstairs in her slippers and Dora-The-Explorer Christmas pajamas, and observed me cooking. Perhaps expecting something more in the way of Apple Cinnamon Cheerios, she looked at me cracking eggs, and asked me what I was making. I told her I was making an “egg white omelet.”

No Rest for the Weary

When you’re growing up, you can always count on your Mom to help you feel better when you’re sick. Moms instinctively know how to help their children. It has been said that no thermometer is as accurate as a mother’s hand. There is a lot of truth to that saying. Moms seem to be able to “feel” how well or how sick their children are in a way that surpasses the limits of mere medical instrumentation. When I was sick as a little boy, my mom used to buy me throat lozenges, make soup for me, comfort me, and reassure me that I’d be out playing with the other boys very soon.