Christmas Time in High School

As we move toward December, we all think about Christmas. It’s a busy time, and it’s easy to put off schoolwork. However, students in high school don’t have as much leeway as elementary students. High school courses are serious, requiring consistent attention. Skipping any lessons, or working lightly in foreign language courses, for example, can result in lower grades on tests, which ultimately affects test scores, even standardized test scores. This could be a problem when trying to find financial aid for college, since scholarships usually depend on standardized test scores. Thus, it is important for high school students to consider an organized and prudent approach to the holidays…

Surviving Christmas

Sometimes it seems like the work for Mom is never ending in our large Catholic families. By Thanksgiving, the first quarter assignments have been completed and the homeschooling is clipping along nicely. Then Bang! Along comes the Christmas season, doubling the work load but halving the class time! It’s more than a little discouraging!…

If Each Day Were Christmas

Let us relive for a few moments that wondrous night. Imagine Mary and Joseph bending over the Infant Jesus. He smiles up at them extending His little arms and demonstrates in the silence of this Church of the home, “This is how much I love the entire world. Although they did not have room for Me tonight, I will still love the world and one day I will again stretch out My arms wide on the cross to prove how much I love them in spite of their rejection. I will make sure that they know there will always be room in My Sacred Heart for all who repent.”

The Babe

Look to the Babe in Bethlehem! Look to the Christ Child!


The Seton High School English Message Board recently sponsored a Christmas Poetry contest. Here is the winning entry.

Nativity of Our Lord

The Gospels speak of various people, besides Mary and Joseph, who were given faith to recognize and believe in Jesus during the time of His Nativity. They were the poor shepherds, the three Magi, and Simeon and Anna. Since the most immediate reason the Son of God came into the world was to bring forgiveness for sins, we can imagine how these new faithful sensed Jesus’ role as Savior from their sins.

Surviving Christmas

Sometimes it seems like the work is never ending in our big Catholic families. Mom has the first quarter under her belt, and the home schooling is clipping alone nicely. BANG! Along comes the Christmas season, doubling the work load and halving the amount of class time. It’s more than a little discouraging. For many years I have seriously competed with Ebenezer Scrooge and the Grinch to see if I can be crabbier during Christmas than they are known to be. Most years I think I win. Now mind you, I am ashamed of myself, and struggle each year to keep Christmas a joyous and holy day and not just another reason for Mom to work even harder than usual shopping and entertaining.