Our Mother of Good Counsel

We home schooling parents are constantly faced with decisions about our children and about their daily schooling assignments, but also about running the household, scheduling doctors’ appointments, running errands, getting the laundry done, preparing meals…

Our Lady of Good Counsel

Our Lady of Good Counsel is the name given to an image of the Blessed Mother with the Child Jesus.  The image is on a paper-thin plaster fresco which appeared suddenly in 1467, freely standing, with no attachment, on the wall of a church in a little town near Rome.  Almost immediately, miracles began to happen to those who prayed before the fresco.  A crippled man walked; a blind woman regained her sight.  So many miracles happened so quickly, the Church authorities immediately began to record them.  They recorded 161 miracles in 110 days.  Since then, thousands of miracles have been recorded, not only in front of the fresco, but also in front of copies of the original fresco.