Obedience: The Bedrock for Harmony and Order in the Home

We all are commanded to obey the Ten Commandments because they were given by God the Father to Moses for all of us to obey. Jesus, the Son of God, repeated the Ten Commandments and the requirement for all to obey them. We all are required to be obedient to all of God’s Commandments. Sin is disobedience to the Laws of God. Everyone needs self-discipline to be obedient to God’s Laws. Self-control promotes obedience. The Commandment to honor your father and mother demands obedience in every home…

Discipline: Establishing Authority

Some years ago, I taught the Confirmation class for our parish religious education program. The class was never rowdy or rude; my students were attentive and engaged – a pleasure to teach. A lovely lady from the parish volunteered to substitute when I was away one weekend. The following week, she told me the class had misbehaved so terribly that they had reduced her to tears. To tears! I was horrified and insisted each student apologize individually to her, but I was also quite surprised. What had turned my model students into monster brats? The answer was NOT that I exercised better control over the class; I didn’t feel that I had to control them at all. They just seemed to mind me…

From Our Families: Discipline Secrets

Our question today is brought to you from a homeschooling mom: “What do you do with unmotivated kids, who try to beg and plead their way out of doing school work?” Share your motivation and discipline secrets!


A basketball coach had a meeting with a player who was not performing well and asked him, “What is the problem with you? Is it ignorance or apathy?” The player replied, “Coach, I don’t know and I don’t care.”

Avoiding Overindulgence

An Illinois native planned to move to her husband’s native Africa at some point in the future to raise any children they might have. This news started a lively conversation around our dinner table. “Why,” we asked, “would you consider raising children in Africa with all the civil unrest and rampant disease on that continent?” Her answer went right to the point: “I never saw an African child cry who was not in pain.”

Proper Perspective on Discipline

Advice on disciplining toddlers, much of it useless, is found on TV, in magazines on supermarket checkout lines, and online. Wise parents ignore conflicting and confusing counsel, and limit themselves to establishing simple routines and developing good Christian habits of behavior that will last a lifetime. Even the best moms and dads, however, fret about how strict they should be implementing rules or correcting infractions, especially for preschool-age children. Parents of toddlers often seem overwhelmed by the task of enforcing family rules, but this need not be so. Tuning out the conflicting advice—and a healthy dose of common sense—go a long way.

Toddler Do’s and Don’ts

Sometime around a year after birth, mom and dad are getting the hang of this whole parenthood thing, and really enjoying baby, who is finally sleeping through the night. Then, for no good reason, a sweet bundle of joy turns into a defiant little terror with a strong will. Toddler time is the true test of parenthood.


There’s no question about it! Discipline is the hot topic in Catholic home schooling circles today. I receive calls about discipline problems every week.