Easter Brings New Life

In the poem, The Ballad of the White Horse, King Alfred and all of Christianity seem to be lost to the Danes. It is a time of despair for every part of Europe. The only hope is Alfred’s faith in God, strengthened through a vision of Mary. Alfred fights a fierce battle using his God-given skills and is eventually victorious. The Ballad of the White Horse is the eleventh grade English requirement our oldest son, Benjamin, and I have been reading for Seton Home Study School. Our family can relate. We have had our own battle to fight, against all odds, and we have survived it only with and through the help of God…

Easter Vigil Homily from Pope Benedict XVI

An ancient Jewish legend from the apocryphal book “The Life of Adam and Eve” recounts that, in his final illness, Adam sent his son Seth together with Eve into the region of Paradise to fetch the oil of mercy, so that he could be anointed with it and healed. The two of them went in search of the tree of life, and after much praying and weeping on their part, the Archangel Michael appeared to them, and told them they would not obtain the oil of the tree of mercy and that Adam would have to die. Later, Christian readers added a word of consolation to the Archangel’s message, to the effect that after 5,500 years the loving King, Christ, would come, the Son of God who would anoint all those who believe in him with the oil of his mercy.

Easter Sunday

Easter Sunday marks the greatest event in the history of the world: the Resurrection of the Son of God, Jesus Christ, from the dead. The Risen Jesus told His disciples on the road to Emmaus that it was necessary for Him to suffer and die, publicly, so He could rise from the dead and prove that everything He said was true: He is the Son of God.