Excellence in English

After twenty-five years of homeschooling, and seeing English offerings at hundreds of homeschooling conferences, I can tell you – absolutely – that I have never seen anything more thorough, more carefully planned, or more Catholic in content than Seton’s English courses. While you may be assured of Seton’s excellence in English, anything worthwhile is hard work, and this subject proves that rule. Let’s face it! English is really two subjects: grammar and composition. Grammar requires a mature thought process, an analytical thought process, while composition is complex to teach and to learn. While Seton’s English courses are challenging, it has proven to be within the reach of the vast majority of students, and is well worth the effort. A few simple tips, based on my own experience, might help English studies proceed more smoothly in your homeschool…

Teaching English in Primary Grades

We often receive phone calls from parents who ask about teaching English to their children in grades one through three. They wonder why we teach English when it is not being taught in most schools, or at least, is not being taught to any great extent. The parents wonder why it is necessary, or are there lessons which can be skipped because the concepts are too difficult for their young children.