A Letter Home from College after Homeschooling

You were my only teacher in high school, but I couldn’t have asked for a better one. You taught me more than you’ll ever know and much more than I could ever ask for. By homeschooling me, you changed the very core of my being from a lost and bewildered little girl into the strong woman I am proud to be. It was through your example and growth that I have become the only thing I have ever wanted to be – I have become me…

From England, with Love

“Look at those huge rain clouds!” I said to my sister Molly as we scrambled up the wide, sloping green hills of Uffington in our search for the famous 374-foot White Horse carved into the chalky ground. By the time we reached the prehistoric figure, the skies had grown incredibly dark for a British summer afternoon, and deep rumbles of thunder echoed across the hills…

From Our Families: Discipline Secrets

Our question today is brought to you from a homeschooling mom: “What do you do with unmotivated kids, who try to beg and plead their way out of doing school work?” Share your motivation and discipline secrets!

Learning from History

My two previous columns (available in the online newsletter archive) gave a brief history of the rise, and sadly the partial decline, of Catholic education in the United States. To accomplish the goal of a Catholic education for their children, parents are increasingly turning to homeschooling, but we homeschoolers have many lessons we can learn from the Catholic educators who came before us. For Catholic homeschooling to succeed and thrive in educating future generations, it must remain authentically Catholic, unapologetically rigorous, and marked by a commitment to diligence and order.