High School at Seton Home Study: Your Bridge to the Future

Let’s face it. Once you start high school, you are not a child anymore. But you’re not quite an adult either. You are journeying to adulthood, but are not there yet. There are still narrows to ford, rivers to cross, and possibly some whitewater to traverse. For those of you looking across the canyon to college on the other side, getting there might seem a bit daunting. Fortunately, Seton is here as a bridge between you and college…

Future Perfect

When Sarah Palin was selected as a nominee for Vice President, it was quickly reported that her eldest daughter is pregnant and unmarried. Upon hearing this information, several commentators expressed surprise that evangelical Christians did not condemn Sarah Palin and her daughter. Someone commented that these Christians who stood behind Sarah Palin would have been the first to kick out of the house any pregnant daughter of their own.