The Habits of Successful Homeschoolers

As part of our ongoing efforts to support our home schooling families, Seton Home Study School recently commissioned a survey to try to discern the factors that contribute to success in the Seton program. The questions we asked were meant to determine if there are attributes or habits which are shared by families who do very well home schooling with Seton…

Holy Habits in the Home

Francis Cardinal George, the Archbishop of Chicago, on Catholic radio discussed the challenges facing the young men in the seminary. Vocations to the priesthood are up in Chicago, due in no small part to men from countries such as Mexico, Poland and the Philippines who come here to serve the Church in the U.S. While all the seminarians are pious and enthusiastic, the local men face special issues. The men from foreign lands grew up in observant homes in vibrant Catholic cultures, while the Chicago men grew up … well, here.