Marriage, the Family, and Home Education

Home education means the teaching by the parents at home, by both parents. A father’s contribution to the home education of his children is indispensable…

Why Home Schooling?

Why homeschooling? First, homeschooling is the most ancient form of Catholic education. For the first 300 years of the Church’s history, there couldn’t possibly have been Catholic schools. There couldn’t even be Catholic churches. The underground catacombs under the city of Rome were the churches. Schools were out of the question…

Channels of Grace

Parents are ordinarily the primary channels of grace for their children. This primacy as channels of grace for the children comes through the sacrament of Matrimony. The sacrament confers two graces: first, the grace for husband and wife to love one another faithfully, even until death; second, the corresponding grace as parents to be channels of grace for their children. The purpose of marriage therefore is to rear families indeed here on earth, but to rear families for Heaven—nothing less. And, I would say: there can be nothing more. All of this is most certain by our Faith.

The Assumption

The Assumption, which we celebrate on August 15, is certainly one of the happiest and most glorious feast days in the Church. The Blessed Mother is raised, body and soul, to her heavenly reward!

The Primary Apostolate

No one will be saved unless he practices the Charity of sharing the Faith with others. Parents have the principal responsibility to share the Faith with their children. The purpose of teaching the children the Faith is to prepare them for Heaven.

Father Hardon on Home Schooling

Catholic Home Schooling in the United States is the necessary result of a culture in which the Catholic Church is being opposed on every level of her existence. Given the widespread secularization in our country, home schooling is not only valuable and useful, home schooling is absolutely necessary for the survival of the Catholic Church in America.