Joy in the Heart

A large homeschooling family seems natural to us now, but in the beginning, homeschooling was not on our radar. We were married relatively young, in our very early 20s, and assumed our children would go to the classroom for education. My husband Paul was educated in public elementary school and graduated from Catholic high school. I graduated from public school. Thus, homeschooling was neither a quick nor an easy choice for us. However, just as we cannot imagine our family of eight children being any smaller, we also cannot imagine a life without homeschooling…

The Sacred Heart

The feast of the Most Sacred Heart of Jesus is celebrated this year on Friday, June 7th. Among Catholics and many Christians, pictures of the Sacred Heart and devotions to the Sacred Heart are popular because His Heart represents His love, care, mercy, and protection for each one of us…

The Sacred Heart

Devotion to the Sacred Heart of Jesus began with the early Church Fathers and has grown to be a favorite devotion among Catholics.

Most Sacred Heart

June is the month dedicated to the Sacred Heart of Jesus. Several saints received messages and visions from Jesus about His great love for all of us in spite of our sins and laxity. One of these saints was Sister Josefa Menendez, a Spanish nun who lived from 1890 to 1923. She joined the French Order of the Sacred Heart, and for the rest of her life, she suffered and prayed and wrote down the messages that Jesus directed her to write. Her story, as well as all the messages, are contained in the book The Way of Divine Love.

Devotion to the Immaculate Heart

On June 13th, 1917, on the feast of St. Anthony, in Fatima, Our Lady showed to the three children her thorn-wreathed heart, and said, “God wishes to establish in the world devotion to my Immaculate Heart.” Here we have to remember that the sufferings of Our Lady were prophesied by Simeon who foretold that a sword of sorrow would pierce Our Lady’s heart, at the presentation of Christ in the Temple. In the first place, this devotion entails acts of reparation. The thorns that surround the Heart of Mary represent our sins and our rejection of the love of Our Mother, and even the graces that we do not dare to ask because we are afraid of taking new and difficult responsibilities.

Most Sacred Heart of Jesus

This year we celebrate the feast of the Most Sacred Heart of Jesus on July 1. This feast day, though not a Holy Day of Obligation, nevertheless is surely one of the most revered of all feast days. There are likely more people dedicated to the Most Sacred Heart of Jesus than to all the saints combined. It is a devotion that even Protestants practice, as evidenced by the many pictures of the Sacred Heart in their homes.