Dads: Irreplaceable Heroes of Homeschooling

Out there, Dads seem to have acquired rather a poor reputation. They’re inadequate, bumbling, and terribly prone to mistakes. They don’t know who they are, lack responsibility, and couldn’t begin to earn your respect. Out there, Dad is really unimportant, and generally in the way. At least, that’s what you’d think if all you ever did was watch TV shows or otherwise listen to the popular culture. Meanwhile, in homeschooling circles, there’s a lot of talk about moms. Moms do the teaching, moms hold down the fort, and moms take care of all the little details that keep young families steady in the day-to-day activities. Moms deserve enormous credit, of course—all the credit in the world as a matter of fact—but today, we’re here to talk about dads. We know that fathers are some of the most hardworking, high-achieving, devoted, and necessary people in the world. Dads may be operating behind the scenes most of the time when it comes to homeschooling, but as it turns out, they’re really indispensable. In fact, we really couldn’t live without them. Here’s why…

Cultural Heroes

In homeschooling, aim at a certain academic excellence. I claim that is the bonus that is always thrown in. If you seek first to defer harm, if secondly you permeate the situation with a Catholic atmosphere, the easiest part is the academic subjects.