The Rights of Parents as Principal Educators

The primary role of parents in their children’s education, especially in their religious education, comes from the importance of children in Christian marriage…

Flexible Schedules

Seton’s mission is to provide materials to parents to teach their children what is necessary for Catholic children to be successful in this world and in the next world. Seton wants to help Catholic children to be leaders in their families and communities, as well as to reach their eternal reward…

Catholic, Root and Branch

We are sometimes asked why Seton’s materials are so saturated with Catholic content. There are a myriad of reasons, but first and foremost, we fill our curriculum with Catholic content because we know that in God’s plan, the purpose of education is not simply to learn facts, but to prepare souls—curious combinations of intellect and will—for eternity. Education, from this perspective, is a hugely important, yet delicate, task…

A Letter Home from College after Homeschooling

You were my only teacher in high school, but I couldn’t have asked for a better one. You taught me more than you’ll ever know and much more than I could ever ask for. By homeschooling me, you changed the very core of my being from a lost and bewildered little girl into the strong woman I am proud to be. It was through your example and growth that I have become the only thing I have ever wanted to be – I have become me…

Marriage, the Family, and Home Education

Home education means the teaching by the parents at home, by both parents. A father’s contribution to the home education of his children is indispensable…

High School at Seton Home Study: Your Bridge to the Future

Let’s face it. Once you start high school, you are not a child anymore. But you’re not quite an adult either. You are journeying to adulthood, but are not there yet. There are still narrows to ford, rivers to cross, and possibly some whitewater to traverse. For those of you looking across the canyon to college on the other side, getting there might seem a bit daunting. Fortunately, Seton is here as a bridge between you and college…

Obedience: The Bedrock for Harmony and Order in the Home

We all are commanded to obey the Ten Commandments because they were given by God the Father to Moses for all of us to obey. Jesus, the Son of God, repeated the Ten Commandments and the requirement for all to obey them. We all are required to be obedient to all of God’s Commandments. Sin is disobedience to the Laws of God. Everyone needs self-discipline to be obedient to God’s Laws. Self-control promotes obedience. The Commandment to honor your father and mother demands obedience in every home…

Why Home Schooling?

Why homeschooling? First, homeschooling is the most ancient form of Catholic education. For the first 300 years of the Church’s history, there couldn’t possibly have been Catholic schools. There couldn’t even be Catholic churches. The underground catacombs under the city of Rome were the churches. Schools were out of the question…

Seton Home Study School 2013 Conferences

GA, Atlanta—April 12-13, 2013 (Fri.-Sat.)
IHM Georgia Homeschool & Parent Conference

Gwinnett Center
6400 Sugarloaf Parkway, Duluth, GA 30097
Fri.: 2 pm – 8 pm, Sat.: 9:30 am – 3:30 pm
Info: 540-636-1946

Seton Home Study School 2013 Conferences

LA, Covington—March 23, 2013 (Sat.)
Roman Catholic Homeschool Association of Louisiana “Catholic Homeschooling: A Way of Life”

St. Peter’s Catholic Church (St. Mary’s Hall)
125 E. 19th Avenue, Covington, LA 70433
After 8:30 am Mass – 5 pm
Info: Beth at 985-796-1274 or 504-220-4626 or