Composition Assignments and the Importance of Writing Well

Students and parents often call about the composition assignments, asking for advice about what to look for in reviewing a composition. Seton’s English lesson plans give specific guidance on grading compositions, which can be found in the Introduction and first quarter of each lesson plan. We encourage parents to use these guidelines to edit and correct their student’s book reports and other compositions. In the near future, we will be producing a video tutorial for analyzing compositions and improving writing skills. In the meantime, here’s some perspective on writing a good essay…

The Importance of Catholic Materials

Teaching the Catholic Faith to our children is our primary responsibility as Catholic parents. We must teach it mainly by good example, showing our children how to live our Faith each day in our daily situations. In addition, the Church declares we are to teach the Faith by “word.” This means we must teach it orally. Most of us use catechisms and other materials as well. What we must not forget, however, is that the Church is clear that all subjects should be taught from a Catholic perspective.

The Importance of Vision Therapy

“You’re just not trying,” Tina’s parents told her repeatedly. The words Tina’s teacher’s used were, “lazy,” “unmotivated,” “slow-learner.” Tina hated to read and struggled with sticking with any school assignment that required extensive reading. Is it any wonder that Tina was often heard to say: “I hate school”?

The Importance of Conferences

By the time you read this column, I will be packing up every other weekend or so and traveling to Catholic home schooling conferences all over the United States. Faithful readers may realize that I am breaking my own rule of strictly limiting activities that bring home schooling moms outside the home and take us away from our home schooling. Why are Catholic home schooling conferences so important that I am willing to break rule #1, and why should parents who are deciding whether or not to take the plunge, as well as old-time home educators, attend one?