Good is Great

Some homeschooling parents believe that unless they can do a great job, then homeschooling is not for them. That must be a tremendous cross for these Moms and Dads to carry. Thankfully, it is one that I do not shoulder. If you are burdened by this “great-or-nothing” form of what I call academic scrupulosity, let me suggest something to you: stop trying to do a great job; do a good job instead…

Is It Romantic?

Years ago, I remember a woman saying in an interview that the most romantic thing that her husband could do for her was take out the garbage without her asking. When I heard these words, it struck me as pretty disturbing. “What does taking out the trash have to do with romance? What kind of family is this?” I thought. As middle age sets in, however, I’m beginning to understand her point.

Reading Is Fundamental

We all agree on the vital necessity of teaching our children to read. Here are a few suggestions for helping our young children not only learn to read but discover the joys of reading.

Is Seton “Too” Catholic?

We occasionally hear comments that Seton is too Catholic. Some families have taken their children out of local Catholic schools and have noted that those schools did not “saturate” all of their classes with the Faith as Seton does. Others say they want their children to have “both sides of the story” so that they can “find the truth.” Yet most of our families are extremely happy that Seton does present the Catholic Faith throughout the curriculum. Seton is proud to follow the teachings of the Church and to inculcate the Faith throughout the school day as recent popes have asserted should be the goal.

God Is My First Mate

There is a book and a movie called God is My Co Pilot, about Col. Robert L. Scott’s duty in China during World War II. The name of the book indicates Col. Scott’s recognition that God helped him during the war. This theme can be adapted for the US Navy and its graduates from the US Naval Academy at Annapolis, MD, even today. Hence, the title of this essay is a modified version of the title of Col. Scott’s book.

Is It Cheating?

When my children were in a parish school almost 20 years ago, I worked hard at being a responsible parent. I faithfully attended open houses and parent/teacher conferences so I could learn what the teachers expected of the students in their classes. I religiously checked assignment pads on a daily basis to make sure that homework was finished, and I signed the pages to let teachers know I was on top of things. I reviewed every completed page of homework to make sure all were neat, complete and correct. Sometimes, I would insist that a child redo a page if it was not completed to my satisfaction. If one of my children seemed unsure of a particular concept, I would reteach it or review it.

He Is Risen!

This month we celebrate the greatest feast of the Church year, the Resurrection of Our Lord Jesus Christ, or Easter. If this miraculous event were not also a real historical event, but merely a symbol or pious story, then Christianity would be false. St. Paul wrote to the Corinthians, “If Christ is not risen, then is our preaching vain, and your faith is also vain.” (I Cor. 15:14) St. Paul was absolutely certain of Our Lord’s resurrection as a true event because he saw the Risen Jesus in a vision. He also heard the testimony of many of the apostles and disciples who witnessed various appearances of the Risen Christ to different people in different places.