Saint Joseph: Model for Fathers, Protector of Families

The month of March is dedicated to Saint Joseph. Chosen by God to be the foster-father of Jesus, Saint Joseph is perhaps the greatest saint, the one person, after Mary, closest to the Heart of Jesus. Scripture refers to him as a “just man.” Saint Joseph’s justice is clear in his relationship with God, with his family, and in his work…

St. Joseph, Faithful Father

On March 19, we celebrate the feast of St. Joseph, the foster father of Our Lord Jesus Christ. St. Joseph was chosen by God to be the foster father of the Incarnate Son of God. In our current culture, with the feminist movement still strong, the importance of fathers has been denigrated, disrespected, and questioned…

St. Joseph

We recall that Mary’s mother, St. Anne, was already elderly when Mary was born. While Mary was still a young child, her parents took her to live in the holy Temple of Jerusalem. When Mary came of age to be married, it is thought that the priests in the Temple made the marriage arrangements for her. We can be certain that the Temple priests knew how special and holy was Mary, and that they would have chosen a man known for holiness, courage, and industry who could provide a good home.

Mary and Joseph

When we think about the feasts of March, we remember primarily about the feast of the Annunciation on March 25. From the Gospel of St. Luke, we read:

St. Joseph the Father

On May 1, we celebrate the feast of St. Joseph the Worker and Father of Jesus.

It was God the Heavenly Father who chose St. Joseph to take His place by being the human father of His dearly beloved Son, Jesus. God the Father surely chose Joseph because he most closely possessed the qualities that God the Father wanted for the father and protector of His Son on earth. Joseph was to raise the Sinless One Who would die for all those trapped in sin.

St. Joseph

On March 19, we celebrate the Feast of St. Joseph. While Scripture records no words of St. Joseph, it does show that Joseph was a virtuous man of action, promptly obeying God in his compassion and care for his family.

St. Joseph

On March 19th, we celebrate the feast of the great St. Joseph, the foster-father of Jesus.

Truth in Fiction

I have been honored and privileged over the past few years to speak at homeschool conferences across the United States and Canada. The key element in all of my talks, and the theme that binds them together, is that Western Civilization is a specifically Christian inheritance that it is the duty of parents to pass on to their children. Indeed, a failure on the part of parents to nourish their children with the cultural fruits of Christendom is tantamount to starving them of the cultural and spiritual sustenance that they need to survive as Catholics in a darkly secular world.