Immortal Love

Every St. Valentine’s Day leaves men at a loss for telling their girlfriends or wives how much they love them. Very often, whether a dozen red roses, a box of chocolates, or a hand-written poem, nothing seems to suffice. If you homeschool husbands find yourself in this predicament, don’t feel too bad. We’ve all been there. In fact, I’ve always been there…

From England, with Love

“Look at those huge rain clouds!” I said to my sister Molly as we scrambled up the wide, sloping green hills of Uffington in our search for the famous 374-foot White Horse carved into the chalky ground. By the time we reached the prehistoric figure, the skies had grown incredibly dark for a British summer afternoon, and deep rumbles of thunder echoed across the hills…

For Love of Them

Like most Catholic-Christian parents, we are dedicated to the care of our children. The Philippine culture is notable for the utmost importance it places on the family. In fact, in the Filipino communities, it is normal to find a modestly-sized house occupied by several extended family members. In the well-to-do communities, several houses may be erected on the same land, or a multi-level residential building may be built with the goal of keeping everyone in the family together, all the way up to the third generation. Having visited several countries, I can also say with certainty that, with some exceptions, Filipinos are remarkable in their piety and their devotion to Mother Mary and to the Holy Infant Jesus. It is common for Filipinos to adorn their vehicles with a miniature statue of the Santo Nino set on their dashboard. In addition, most Filipinos are also accustomed to hanging a rosary on the rearview mirrors of their cars. The Catholic Faith is the foundation of the country’s morals and values, including its emphasis on the family. Hence, it was not unthinkable for me to leave the corporate world–and my nice paycheck–behind, in order to focus on my own family…

Family School of Love and Virtues

Every Catholic knows the primacy of love in the Christian life. Jesus’ words (Mt. 19:19 and 22:37) about love of God and love of one’s neighbor as oneself immediately come to mind, as does St. Paul’s warning (I Cor. 1:13) that without charity as a motive, all that we do becomes “sounding brass and tinkling cymbal.”…

The Way of Divine Love

Sister Josefa Menendez was a Spanish mystic who lived from 1890 to 1923. In 1920, she joined the Sisters of the Sacred Heart of Jesus in Poitiers, France. During her four years of a simple and hidden life, she wrote down the words dictated to her by Jesus during miraculous appearances. His words have been published in The Way of Divine Love, a book which was highly recommended and endorsed by Pope Pius XII…

Falling in Love Again

Over the past several years, I have seen some of my friends divorce. When we see marriages fail, we might consider the occurrence an opportunity to work on our own…

Love Story

Whether it comes in the persons of Odysseus and Penelope, Romeo and Juliet, or Jamal and Latika, from the ancient Greeks to modern times, every society has glamorized love stories. But the greatest love story I ever saw didn’t take place in the movies, and it didn’t take place in books. The greatest love story I ever saw took place in my church.

A Love Letter

Last month, I encouraged fathers to spend a little time meditating on the life of St. Joseph and asking him for help. This month, I’m encouraging you to deepen your relationship with someone very close to him—his wife. The need to develop a personal relationship with Jesus has certainly been the most beneficial area of theological concentration since the Second Vatican Council. But it must also be stressed that especially among men, and especially now, it is vital that we develop a personal relationship with Mary, the Mother of God.

Love of Learning

In the mid twentieth century, John Holt attempted to popularize a method of home education, called un-schooling, which calls for parents to provide a rich environment in the home which will stimulate the child’s curiosity and foster intellectual development. Children learn best, Holt claimed, when they are allowed to follow their own interests and choose their own methods. Personally, I have never been a big fan of un-schooling past the pre-school years because, to become truly educated, children must learn from a prescribed course of study. A little boy may want to focus on spiders and bugs, but nevertheless, he needs to learn his catechism questions and how to spell.

Love of Reading

When I was a child, I loved reading so much that my mother had to pry me away from my books to get me to eat meals. As a result, I was able to maintain A’s in all the reading-related subjects such as reading, English, spelling and vocabulary with virtually no study on my part. I devoured historical fiction, which gave me a frame of reference when I studied those time periods in history class. At the same time, formal history and geography study, which were separate subjects when I was young, would send me running to the library in search of more fiction and non-fiction to satisfy my curiosity about ancient Egypt or Tudor England.