College Prep – Making the Break

Suddenly it hits you: within a very few weeks, for the first time in your life, you are going to be more or less on your own, away from your family and in a totally new and unfamiliar situation. The normal reaction is a curious mixture of exhilaration and terror. Just how does one survive life without immediate family support?…

Making Ends Meet

Leaving my family on weekends during the spring and summer home school conference season is tough, but it affords me a unique opportunity to meet you—homeschooling parents—and to learn firsthand about your successes and challenges. This year, more than ever before, parents tell me they are struggling financially, and worry about their ability to continue home schooling when it is so difficult just to pay the bills. With twelve kids, mortgages, car payments, and on and on, I feel uniquely qualified to give advice on how to squeeze every nickel.