The Real Reasons Why I Homeschool

The reason I began to homeschool is not a single reason. I was disheartened at the level of education my eldest son was receiving in the public school. In addition, we were staunch fighters against the so-called “family education,” which was nothing more than a cover and masthead for sex education. And, in our local parish, our son’s CCD education was quite the joke…

Our Mother of Good Counsel

We home schooling parents are constantly faced with decisions about our children and about their daily schooling assignments, but also about running the household, scheduling doctors’ appointments, running errands, getting the laundry done, preparing meals…

Mother Most Faithful

On September 8, we celebrate the birthday of Mary, the Blessed Virgin Mother, who was given the special gift of choosing to be the mother of the Son of God. The Church teaches that she herself was conceived without Original Sin so that she would be the perfect sinless Mother of Jesus.

Eucharistic Mother

In January, Seton Home Study School honors its Patron Saint, Elizabeth Ann Seton, in a special way. The fourth of January was the day Mother Seton’s earthly life of weariness and toil drew to a close. Mother eagerly awaited that day, for she knew it would mark her spiritual rebirth, refreshed and gloriously renewed for all Eternity. No longer would she meet her Beloved Lord under disguise at the Altar. She would encounter Him, at last face to face, and behold His Presence forever more.

Mary, Mother of God

Christmas is a time to reflect on the incredible willingness of the Son of God to hide His divine glory (but not give up His divinity) in order to become a man in this earthly world. He became a man because He desired to sacrifice His life for us, a sacrifice that opened the gates of Heaven for us so that we may attain eternal happiness with Him. The fact that He allowed Himself to be born of Mary and to grow up as a child was also part of the infinite love He has for us, a love that reached to His sufferings and death on the Cross.

Mary, Mother of God

We would first like to pause and briefly reflect on some significant aspects of Mary’s personality, which offer all be­lievers valuable guidance in accepting and fulfilling their own vocation.

The Last Days of Mother Seton

On January 4 we celebrate the feast day of Saint Elizabeth Ann Seton, and recall the wisdom and heroism of her last days. During the last years of her life, Mother Seton had been ill a number of times and often referred to her body as an old carriage. She wrote to one of her friends, “Three wheels of the old carriage are broken down, the fourth very near gone; then with the wings of a dove will my soul fly and be at rest.”