On Time and On Task

Training the children to do their tasks on time and in a timely manner is no small feat, yet it can be done with planning, keeping to the schedule, and lots of family prayer throughout the day…

On Sleep

When I give talks at home schooling conferences, newly married couples sometimes ask for advice. I’m impressed that these parents care enough about their responsibilities that even before having children, they investigate their educational choices. These parents are planners, and they’re expecting some insightful information they can really use. “What should we do now to prepare for home schooling in a few years?” they ask. They might consider my response somewhat flippant, insofar as it consists of a single word, but it’s actually well thought out. In fact, I consider it profound.

Getting Back on Track

One of the thoughts that plagues home school parents is that their children are “falling behind” in their studies. The constant activity that we parents undertake doesn’t seem to alleviate our concerns. Something I recently saw reminded me of this. In the 1960’s, there was a comedian on The Ed Sullivan Show who tried to get five or six plates spinning on poles. The trick was to get all the plates spinning at the same time. He would get most of them spinning and then one would fall, and he would have to start over, again and again, until he accomplished his task. Home schooling is a lot like spinning plates.