Fatima and the Rosary

The month of October is called the Month of the Holy Rosary. On October 13, 1917, thousands of people saw the colorful miraculous display of the “falling” of the sun in Fatima, Portugal. The Blessed Mother had appeared to the three children, Lucia, Jacinta, and Francisco, for several months previously, always encouraging them to pray the daily Rosary…

October: Month of the Holy Rosary

We consider the Holy Rosary the most convenient and most fruitful means, as is clearly suggested by the very origin of this practice, heavenly rather than human, and by its nature. What prayers are better adapted and more beautiful than the Lord’s prayer and the angelic salutation, which are the flowers with which this mystical crown is formed? With meditation of the Sacred Mysteries added to the vocal prayers, there emerges another very great advantage, so that all, even the most simple and least educated, have in this a prompt and easy way to nourish and preserve their own faith.

A Love Letter

Last month, I encouraged fathers to spend a little time meditating on the life of St. Joseph and asking him for help. This month, I’m encouraging you to deepen your relationship with someone very close to him—his wife. The need to develop a personal relationship with Jesus has certainly been the most beneficial area of theological concentration since the Second Vatican Council. But it must also be stressed that especially among men, and especially now, it is vital that we develop a personal relationship with Mary, the Mother of God.

Most Holy Rosary

Have you ever noticed that when something interferes with praying our daily Rosary, the day just doesn’t seem right?

The Rosary

As we look at the state of the world and our nation, it can seem that problems are overwhelming. In Iraq, the war continues and more Americans and Iraqis are killed each day. As troops are rotated in and out, many families face the prospect of a long separation from father or mother. At home, we have the mortgage crisis, in which many families are either having difficulty paying their mortgage, or have actually faced the loss of their house for inability to pay. Individual families also have their own personal hardships, such as illness or marital problems.