Schooling in Four Seasons with Seton

This past February, our daughter Katie married her fellow Christendom graduate, Peter Spiering. It was one of those joyful rest stops on our family’s journey of life. In the whirlwind of such a milestone day, you just have to pause and take it all in; as you’ve heard, and maybe said yourself, “Children grow up too fast.”…

Flexible Schedules

Seton’s mission is to provide materials to parents to teach their children what is necessary for Catholic children to be successful in this world and in the next world. Seton wants to help Catholic children to be leaders in their families and communities, as well as to reach their eternal reward…

Catholic, Root and Branch

We are sometimes asked why Seton’s materials are so saturated with Catholic content. There are a myriad of reasons, but first and foremost, we fill our curriculum with Catholic content because we know that in God’s plan, the purpose of education is not simply to learn facts, but to prepare souls—curious combinations of intellect and will—for eternity. Education, from this perspective, is a hugely important, yet delicate, task…

Why Home Schooling?

Why homeschooling? First, homeschooling is the most ancient form of Catholic education. For the first 300 years of the Church’s history, there couldn’t possibly have been Catholic schools. There couldn’t even be Catholic churches. The underground catacombs under the city of Rome were the churches. Schools were out of the question…

Presidential Election

Every four years, American home schoolers are handed an ideal civics lesson: the presidential campaign and election. With TV coverage, the Internet, historic sites, and even public libraries, every family has an opportunity to learn more about the world’s most influential position and the political process. Make sure you and your children take advantage of these resources before November 6…

The Boulder and the Pebble

Driving down a steep mountain road, the driver suddenly slammed on the brakes and skidded to a stop!…

2012 Conferences

Indianapolis, IN. May 5 (Sat.). Quo Vadis Catholic Homeschool Conference. Holy Rosary Catholic Parish, 520 Stevens Street, Indianapolis, IN. After 8:00 AM Mass — 5:00 PM. Info: or email

2012 Conferences

Jacksonville, FL. March 16 (Fri.). Immaculate Heart of Mary Jacksonville Homeschool and Parent Conference, Embassy Suites Jacksonville-Baymeadows, 9300 Baymeadows Rd, Jacksonville, FL. 2:00 PM — 8:00 PM. Info: 540-636-1946 or or

How to Study

We often receive calls from parents asking for ideas to help their children improve their study skills. While each person has a favorite way to study, these ideas have been successful for many students.

How Parish Schools Led to Catholic Home Schooling

Last month’s column was the story of how a largely poor, immigrant population built a powerhouse parish school system that provided a first-rate scholastic education. By the mid 1960s, the Catholic system reached its peak with 4.5 million elementary school pupils, and another million students in Catholic high schools.