Teaching Active Boys

As a homeschooling mother of seven sons, and growing up as the oldest in a family with five younger brothers, I had a good amount of experience with active boys. Mothers of active children must learn pretty quickly about the ways such boys learn and about the ways to adapt teaching methods to active children, both boys and girls…

Teaching Writing Skills

The first thing to realize when teaching a child to write is that writing is a skill. Obviously, the gift of a natural talent for writing is a significant factor in determining whether your child will be the next G.K. Chesterton, but it isn’t the primary factor. Even G.K. Chesterton had to learn the skill of writing. The nurturing of a budding Chesterton requires practice, patience and encouragement.

Teaching English in Primary Grades

We often receive phone calls from parents who ask about teaching English to their children in grades one through three. They wonder why we teach English when it is not being taught in most schools, or at least, is not being taught to any great extent. The parents wonder why it is necessary, or are there lessons which can be skipped because the concepts are too difficult for their young children.