Christmas Time in High School

As we move toward December, we all think about Christmas. It’s a busy time, and it’s easy to put off schoolwork. However, students in high school don’t have as much leeway as elementary students. High school courses are serious, requiring consistent attention. Skipping any lessons, or working lightly in foreign language courses, for example, can result in lower grades on tests, which ultimately affects test scores, even standardized test scores. This could be a problem when trying to find financial aid for college, since scholarships usually depend on standardized test scores. Thus, it is important for high school students to consider an organized and prudent approach to the holidays…

How Much Mom Time?

Work-text based subjects, including spelling, vocabulary, phonics, handwriting, and math, are ideal to introduce and accustom students to working on their own. Other subjects often require more parental involvement. They might be referred to as the “content-rich” courses which include religion, reading, composition, and for high school students, history and science. These subjects frequently require a more sophisticated thought process, memorization, and using skills from other subjects. My experience has shown me that teaching moms and dads need to provide more individual help in these content-rich subjects…

On Time and On Task

Training the children to do their tasks on time and in a timely manner is no small feat, yet it can be done with planning, keeping to the schedule, and lots of family prayer throughout the day…

Catechesis in Our Time

The family’s catechetical activity has a special character, which is in a sense irreplaceable. This special character has been rightly stressed by the Church, particularly by the Second Vatican Council. Education in the faith by parents, which should begin from the children’s tenderest age, is already being given when the members of a family help each other to grow in faith through the witness of their Christian lives, a witness that is often without words but which perseveres throughout a day-to-day life lived in accordance with the Gospel. This catechesis is more incisive when, in the course of family events (such as the reception of the sacraments, the celebration of great liturgical feasts, the birth of a child, a bereavement) care is taken to explain in the home the Christian or religious content of these events.

Redeeming the Time Wisely

One of the biggest perks to home education is the efficiency of the method. Think of all the time wasted in school: lining up to use the bathroom, lining up for lunch, lining up to go out for recess, and then lining up again to come in, and finally lining up to leave the classroom at the end of the day. This does not even count the time spent going to and from the school building.

Time and Tide

As a father, one of my responsibilities is to help my children stay out of trouble. But as the years go by, I wonder if it is the other way around.

Now Is the Time to Register for the Seton 2008 High School Graduation!

Graduation capSeton Home Study School will hold a high school graduation ceremony on May 24th, 2008. The ceremony will be held on the campus of Christendom College, in Front Royal, Virginia. The graduation will begin with Mass in the Christendom College Chapel of Christ the King at 2:00 p.m. As soon as practical following Mass (approximately 3:15), the graduation ceremony will be held in St. Lawrence Commons, which is adjacent to the chapel.