My 12 Tips for Catholic Homeschoolers

1. Consider using “pre-tests,” such as for spelling and vocabulary. Then focus on the words your child still needs to learn…

7 Tips to Improve Your Homeschooling This Year

At the beginning of every school year, I make a little personal checklist as to how I can improve homeschooling in the upcoming year. I don’t always stick to the lists as well as I’d like, but I try. With the upcoming year approaching, just for fun, I’ll share my list with you…

Home Schooling Tips

Editor’s Note: We recently asked on our Facebook page for home schooling tips from our families. Here are some of the tips they gave us:

Tips to Motivate High School Students

  1. Take your student to daily Mass and at least monthly confession. Your student may be more affected by the secular culture than you might think.
  2. Be sure your high school student is saying the daily Rosary and participating in all the family prayers and religious functions.