Ad Majorem Dei Gloriam – “To The Greater Glory of God!”

I’m a cradle Catholic, born and raised in Baltimore, Maryland, the premier archdiocese of the United States. Here, when someone asks, “Where did you go to school?” they mean which Catholic high school you attended (e.g. – Mount de Sales, Cardinal Gibbons, St. Joe, etc.), rather than which college or university. Baltimore is a big-small-town, and its Catholic community even more so.

To Tailor or Not To Tailor the Curriculum

For many years, Seton lesson plans included a piece of paper—hot pink to catch parental attention—that reminded parents to “change the program to fit the child and NOT try to change the child to fit the program.” Today, the lesson plans often remind parents that they are proceeding at a pace that is appropriate for that age and grade, but that parents can feel free to accelerate or apply the brakes if necessary. Clearly, modifying a curriculum plan to suit an individual student’s talents and abilities is an essential benefit of home schooling, but just how accommodating should a wise parent be? Is there such a thing as too much customizing, and how do we know? Here are some simple ideas to help you.

How to Teach Science in Your Daily Life – Part 2

Some time ago, we taught our 10-year-old daughter how nature recycles water through the water cycle. I explained to her that this means all water, even that which you exhale through your nose. A big breakthrough came the other day when it was raining. She asked me if some of the rain that was falling could have been the water used by John the Baptist when he baptized Jesus. In addition, she wanted to know if some of it came from the parting of the Red Sea. I told her that in both of these cases, we couldn’t prove it, but that there was a very remote possibility. I thought, great, this is learning at its best! That is, she extended and applied knowledge in a way that I hadn’t considered.

To School or Not to School

Most homeschooling families are more relaxed over the summer. Dad flips burgers on the grill and the kitchen stays clean when meals are taken at the picnic table. Many moms—like me—find they need to convert some lazy days into school time to finish up the previous year, but most shorten the school day. All of us, however, are wistfully aware that vacation is too short, and we are planning for the upcoming year. Parents of preschoolers are especially anticipating the new academic year, and wondering when exactly is the right time to start kindergarten.