Facts Are What Make History Important

The gatekeepers of higher education have now leveled their red pens to one of the last vestiges of objectivity and scholarship in national social studies: the AP exam…

What About Today?

When Lisa and I signed up Tarcisius for his spring baseball season earlier this year, we all knew that it would be his last year in Little League. He turned 13 years old, which is too old to play any longer; so, in a sense, it’s a graduation. And like almost every kid who has ever picked up a bat, he dreamed of hitting a home run one day. (Unlike in the Major Leagues, home runs are rare in little league.) And with encouraging parents who have always told him that he would hit balls out one day, he never had much doubt that baseballs were going to be “leaving the yard.” Yet, though he had frequently come close, he had never hit a ball over the wall…

Realizing What We Have

Raising kids Catholic is what home schooling is all about for us Catholics.

What Can Seton Students Do? Find Their Vocation!

Seton graduates have found their vocations in the priesthood, in the consecrated life, and in marriage. Let the Seton program of immersion in our Holy Catholic Faith, through our curriculum, help you to answer God’s call. Pope Leo XIII proclaimed that “…the entire system of education must be permeated with the sense of Christian piety.” Seton’s program follows this command, and many vocations have been found because of this.

What’s At Stake

Because I have the worst directional sense of anyone I know, last summer I bought a global positioning satellite (GPS) receiver for my car. Now, I never get lost driving, because I always know where I am. I can even “see” myself progressing up the road, and always be assured that I am on the right track. My destination is marked with a little checkered flag, and I can see my car moving right towards it.