Composition Assignments and the Importance of Writing Well

Students and parents often call about the composition assignments, asking for advice about what to look for in reviewing a composition. Seton’s English lesson plans give specific guidance on grading compositions, which can be found in the Introduction and first quarter of each lesson plan. We encourage parents to use these guidelines to edit and correct their student’s book reports and other compositions. In the near future, we will be producing a video tutorial for analyzing compositions and improving writing skills. In the meantime, here’s some perspective on writing a good essay…

Teaching Writing Skills

The first thing to realize when teaching a child to write is that writing is a skill. Obviously, the gift of a natural talent for writing is a significant factor in determining whether your child will be the next G.K. Chesterton, but it isn’t the primary factor. Even G.K. Chesterton had to learn the skill of writing. The nurturing of a budding Chesterton requires practice, patience and encouragement.