Going Where God’s Will Takes You

Hello from the Gowans’ family! – Dad Bob, Mom Andrea, son Hugh (age 9), daughter Lauren and twin brother Leo (age 7), and beloved cats Mr. Kitty and Stella. We live on a 300 acre ranch with a vineyard, fruit orchard, pecan trees, chickens, fishing pond, a John Deere tractor, four wheelers, and all the accoutrements that come with living out in the country. Our town’s public schools are rated among the best in the area. Families from neighboring towns vie to have their children transferred into our public schools. There is a Catholic elementary school in the next city, and there are a number of excellent private schools. Our family chooses a different path. We choose to homeschool…

Be Sure You Receive Email From Seton

Several families have reported lately that they did not receive email notifications from Seton after they enrolled, or uploaded work to be graded, etc. If you don’t receive these emails, chances are they are being sent automatically to your junk mail or spam folders and being deleted without ever being seen.

Who’s Got You?

During the recent blizzard that befell the state of Virginia—a storm that dumped about three feet of snow on the little hamlet of Front Royal—our house lost electric power for hours at a time. The children excitedly hunted down the emergency flashlights and prepared for nighttime with their new trusted, illuminating friends. As dusk waned, however, the novelty of flashlights wore off, as it dawned on the children that they would be sleeping in the dark. Ten minutes after Lisa and I put the children to bed, my little two-yearold daughter Immaculata called me from her bedroom, and whimpered, “Daddy, I’m scared.” I went into her room, gave her a hug, and assured her that I would protect her, reminding her: “I’m with you, Immaculata. I’m watching over you. Nothing bad will happen to you tonight.”

Coming to a Stadium Near You

Since the dawn of the home schooling movement in America, the question has been asked: “Can home schoolers compete academically with their brick-and-mortar counterparts?” Since every serious study has supported home schooling in that regard, you don’t hear the question much these days. Perhaps more readily seeing the value of sports in their sons’ lives, fathers have continued to ask a different question: “Can home schoolers compete athletically with their brick-and-mortar counterparts?”