High School FAQ

High School FAQ

Are you accredited?

Yes. Seton Home Study School is accredited by AdvancED, and we are on the list of approved homestudy schools in Virginia. We are an approved non-profit school with the Virginia Department of Education and have been accepted as a member of the Virginia Council of Private Education (for Private Schools). Furthermore, we have been recognized by the Bishop of Arlington under Canon 803 of the Code of Canon Law.

Can I earn a high school diploma?

Yes. Seton Home Study School grants a high school diploma.

Are teachers available for counseling?

Yes, qualified teachers are available five days a week to answer your questions, during regular business hours (EST).

A teacher who can help is as close as your telephone or your computer (using e-mail or the message board).


What does Seton require for admission to obtain a Seton diploma?

For admission to the high school diploma program, Seton requires:

  • completing placement testing
  • submitting an official transcript of any previous high school courses

A copy of previous report cards showing high school courses and grades earned should be sent to Seton with the application. This will help to determine courses needed, and will suffice until the previous school sends the official transcript.

For students previously homeschooled in high school, you will need to fill out a homeschool transcript.

What is required if I am not seeking a diploma from Seton?

If you are enrolling only temporarily or only for supplemental courses, and seeking a diploma from another high school, please seek approval for the Seton course from your high school counselor.

What are the requirements to graduate from Seton Home Study School?

In recent years, Virginia and several other states have modified requirements needed to earn a high school diploma. Students who entered high school prior to 2014 are not required to meet the new standards. They may obtain a high school diploma under the old requirements.

Subject Credits

Religion 4 4 4
English 4 4 4
Literature 1 1 1
Grammar & Comp 1 0 1
Social Studies 3.5 4 3.5
Science 3 4* 3
Math 3 4 3
Foreign Language 2 3 0
Economics 0.5 0.5 0.5
Elective 0 1.5 2
Total 22 26 22
*4 credits of Science, 3 with Lab, are required for the Advanced Academic Diploma.

What are the requirements for a Seton diploma and for college acceptance?

Seton highly recommends that parents and students research the potential colleges of choice during the 8th grade. Different colleges have different requirements. College Admissions counselors would be happy to answer your questions. Parents and students will want to make sure that the student’s courses over the high school years will meet the expectations of those colleges. Some colleges may require four years of high school math, instead of three, often depending on the potential degree. Some colleges may want a student to take two years of two different foreign languages. Some colleges may want a year of a laboratory science. Seton’s curriculum is based on the majority of what colleges expect.

Once you have spoken with the Admissions Counselor at the college, please phone our high school guidance counselor, Mr. Christopher Smith, at 540-636-9990, Ext. 125. Mr. Smith will help work out the schedule of courses for the high school curriculum. Some of our students who want more credits or courses, often stay enrolled with Seton for a fifth year.

If I am a transfer student, how many credits do I need from Seton Home Study School to obtain a Seton diploma?

You must earn at least five and one-half credits in twelfth grade from Seton to obtain a Seton diploma, regardless of the number of credits earned at another high school. Be sure to send a copy of your transcript or report cards with your application.

If I am a Catholic transfer student, transferring from a non-Catholic high school, will you still require four credits of religion?

No, but we will require students who are enrolled full time to enroll in one religion course during each year they attend Seton.

May Seton students earn dual high school/college credit while using the Seton curriculum?

Many of our students take college courses while still studying with Seton. Some wish to gain some college credit in basic courses, some find it easier to study certain courses in a classroom environment and some simply wish to study a topic interesting to them in a more intensive fashion. Such courses are generally accepted by Seton as transfer credit. However, college courses in English, Religion and Social Studies DO NOT fulfill Seton’s requirements for the high school diploma. These courses must always be taken using Seton’s curriculum and materials. Requirements in Foreign Language, Math and Science (other than Biology) may be fulfilled by taking college courses. Before enrolling in any college course, please consult with our Senior Guidance Counselor.

What is the normal schedule of courses?

For the college-bound student, we suggest the following courses:


Religion 9
English 9
Grammar and Composition
Algebra I (Saxon)
Earth Science or Physical Science
Geography  (one-half credit)


Religion 10
English 10
World History


Religion 11
English 11
American Literature
American History
Algebra II or other math
Latin I or other language


Religion 12
English 12
American Government
Latin II or other language

Will credits from my high school transfer to Seton Home Study School?

Though credits will transfer, some credits may not be acceptable for the 22 credits. In other words, no matter how many credits a student may have, to obtain a diploma from Seton Home Study School, the basic subject requirements remain.

One of our high school counselors will evaluate a students transcript and placement test scores to help the student determine the courses needed for graduation, as well as courses needed for college or vocational school.

Will credits from Seton transfer to my high school?

Since Seton is an accredited school, your high school should accept our credits. However, it is up to you to seek approval from your high school.

May I start Seton in the middle of the year?

Yes, we do accept students into the Seton program once the school year has begun. Since we do not have a calendar, students may enroll at any time of the year. We do not accept one-quarter credits, however. Students with only one-quarter of work finished will need to start at the beginning of the Seton course.

How often do I need to send tests to Seton for grading?

The lesson plans are designed for four quarters of nine weeks each. However, some students proceed more quickly, some more slowly. Our concern is that the work is done accurately and to the best of your ability; we do not have a calendar.

However, students should send in a quarter’s work in a subject when it is finished. Students should not wait to send two, three or four quarters of work at once! Teachers cannot help students to do better when more than one quarter’s work is sent to Seton at one time.

Should I keep a copy of my papers?

We recommend that you do your assignments on the computer so that you have a permanent record. However, if you are not able to use a computer, you should make a copy of your work. Obviously, Seton cannot give a grade if we do not have the required tests or assignments.

How do I obtain a transcript from Seton Home Study School for my high school or college?

You may request a transcript by filling out the online transcript request form in your MySeton account under the Resources tab.

How do I take the ACT or SAT tests for college admission?

Please contact the college of your choice, in your sophomore or junior year of high school if possible, to find out which test it requires. You can register for the SAT or the ACT by visiting their websites. Remember to use the Seton school code when registering, which is 470902.

ACT, Test Administration
P.O. Box 168
Iowa City, IA 52240

SAT, College Board Admissions Testing
Box 592
Princeton, NJ 08540

How do I take the PSAT?

To register for the PSAT, you will need to contact your local school and request permission to sit for the exam. This test is taken at the beginning of the eleventh grade year and serves as the application for the National Merit Scholarship. You will need to use your state homeschool code for the PSAT. Please contact a high school counselor for that information.

PSAT (Preliminary Scholastic Aptitude Test) National Merit Scholarship
One American Plaza
Evanston, IL 60201


Letter Grade Percent Scale
A+ 99-100
A 95-98
A- 93-94
B+ 90-92
B 87-89
B- 85-86
C+ 82-84
C 79-81
C- 77-78
D+ 75-76
D 72-74
D- 70-71
F (no credit) 69 or below

For information on converting a 100-point GPA to a 4-point GPA, see this page: www.setonhome.org/gpa