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Topical Index of the Seton Magazine

Getting Started

Issue Date Article Title Author
Aug ‘06 Jumping Back In Ginny Seuffert
Aug ‘07 Stepping Out in Faith Ginny Seuffert
Sep ‘08 Starting Out Ginny Seuffert
Jul ‘12 Getting Started Ginny Seuffert

Why Should I Home School?

Issue Date Article Title Author
Feb ‘96 Because You Are Parents
Jun ‘96 The Coach Pat Walker
Mar ‘98 Home Education and the Survival of the Family Fr. Hardon
May ‘98 The Domestic Church as a Modern-Day Monastery Fr. Fessio
Nov ‘98 Father Hardon on Home Schooling Fr. Hardon
Aug ‘99 Soul of Catholic Education Fr. Hardon
Sep ‘99 The Importance of Home Education Benjamin Fisher
Oct ‘99 Letter from a Mother
Apr ‘00 Home Education and the Survival of the Family Fr. Hardon
Nov ‘00 Rights and Responsibilities of Parents in Education Fr. Hardon
Jan ‘01 Why Home Schooling Makes Sense Thomas Nelson
Jan ‘02 Dr. William Marra on Home Schooling Dr. William Marra
Aug ‘03 The Neglected R
Aug ‘04 Letter from a Grandmother
Nov ‘04 The Blessings of Catholic Home Schooling Fr. Constantine
Nov ‘05 Educators Because They Are Parents
Feb ‘08 Rome on Parental Rights in Religious Education
May ‘08 Academic and Spiritual Formation
Mar ‘09 It’s Nice to Share Ginny Seuffert
Apr ‘09 The Primary Apostolate Fr. John Hardon
Jun ‘09 Dr. William Marra on Home Schooling Dr. William Marra
Jul ‘09 Gender and Home Schooling Ginny Seuffert
Sep ‘09 Reflections on St. Paul Ginny Seuffert
Sep ‘09 What Can Seton Students Do? Find Their Vocation!
Oct ‘09 Counter Cultural Dr. Mary Kay Clark
Oct ‘10 Katie Heenan Dodson Katie Dodson
Nov ‘11 Cultural Heroes Dr. William Marra
Nov ‘11 Letter from a Graduate Charity A. Vogel
Feb ‘12 Perseverance Ginny Seuffert
Feb ‘12 Homeschooling: A Teenager’s Point of View Jacquelyn Chausse
Mar ‘12 How Parish Schools Led to Catholic Home Schooling Ginny Seuffert
Apr ‘12 Learning from History Ginny Seuffert
Apr ‘13 Why Home Schooling?
Oct ‘13 Marriage, the Family, and Home Education Fr. John Hardon
Nov-Dec ‘13 A Letter Home from College after Homeschooling
Mar ‘14 The Real Reasons Why I Homeschool A Homeschooling Mother
Apr ‘14 The Rights of Parents as Principal Educators
Apr ‘16 ‘Your Children Can Change the World!’ Ginny’s New Book! Ginny Seuffert

Start of School Year

Issue Date Article Title Author
Oct ‘96 Beginning the Year Dr. Mary Kay Clark
Oct ‘03 New School Year
Aug ‘05 Anticipating the New School Year Ginny Seuffert
Sep ‘07 September Checklist Ginny Seuffert
Oct ‘07 Begin Again Ginny Seuffert
Sep ‘12 Starting your School Year on the Right Foot
Sep ‘12 September Checklist Ginny Seuffert
Sep ‘13 4 Preparations to Start the Homeschool Year
Sep ‘14 5 Steps to a Better School Year Sarah Rose
Aug ‘15 Get Ready, Get Set, Go!: 5 Ways to Make a Good School Year Christine Smitha
Aug ‘15 Back to (Home) School: The 5 W’s John Clark
Aug ‘15 My 5 Simple Tips for Starting School Mary Ellen Barrett
Sep ‘15 A Rail to Run On: Best Practices for Using Seton’s Lesson Plans Mary Ellen Barrett
Aug ‘16 The Real Job Description for a Homeschooling Mom Dr. Mary Kay Clark
Aug ‘16 5 Creative Ways to Make Back to School Exciting for Everyone

Pre-School/Primary Grades

Issue Date Article Title Author
Aug ‘02 Teaching English in the Primary Grades
Nov ‘05 Flexibility During the Primary Years Ginny Seuffert
Sep ‘06 Coping with Preschoolers Ginny Seuffert
Jun ‘07 Starting Pre-School at Home Ginny Seuffert
Jul ‘07 Starting Pre-School at Home [Part 2] Ginny Seuffert
May ‘08 Teaching English in Primary Grades Dr. Mary Kay Clark
Oct ‘08 Boys Don’t (Usually) Like to Write Dr. Mary Kay Clark
Aug ‘10 To School or Not to School Ginny Seuffert
Aug ‘12 Don’t Forget Me, Mommy!
Aug ‘12 Pre-K at Home is Better! Ginny Seuffert
Aug ‘14 Teaching Active Boys Dr. Mary Kay Clark

Middle School

Issue Date Article Title Author
Jan ‘96 Teaching Intermediate Grades Dr. Mary Kay Clark
Aug ‘96 Teaching Reading for Comprehension Dr. Mary Kay Clark
Nov ‘98 What About Book Reports?
Dec ‘05 The Middle School Years Ginny Seuffert

Junior High

Issue Date Article Title Author
Feb ‘96 Teaching Junior High Students Dr. Mary Kay Clark
Jan ‘06 The Junior High Years Ginny Seuffert

High School

Issue Date Article Title Author
Mar ‘96 Teaching 9th Grade Dr. Mary Kay Clark
Apr ‘96 Teaching 10th and 11th Grade Dr. Mary Kay Clark
May ‘96 Teaching 12th Grade Dr. Mary Kay Clark
Dec ‘96 Ninth Grade Revisited Dr. Mary Kay Clark
Apr ‘98 Motivation for Teens Dr. Mary Kay Clark
Apr ‘98 Home Schooling in High School Angela Manney
Aug ‘98 The Importance of Language Studies Mary Alice Rice, MA
Jul ‘99 Why Study Literature? Dr. Robert C. Rice
Dec ‘99 Literature is useful–and may help save your soul, too! Dr. Patrick H. Keats
Nov ‘02 The Art of Smart Studying Bruce T. Clark
Apr ‘04 Book Analysis and Conflict
Jul ‘04 The Role of Themes in Great Literature
Feb ‘05 Homeschooling for High School Ginny Seuffert
Mar ‘05 Homeschooling for High School [Part 2] Ginny Seuffert
Apr ‘05 More About High School Ginny Seuffert
Apr ‘05 Book Analysis
Feb ‘06 The High School Years Ginny Seuffert
Nov ‘07 Flexibility in High School
Dec ‘07 How to Read for an Assignment Christine Collins
Jun ‘09 Flexibility in High School
Sep ‘09 Tips to Motivate High School Students
Oct ‘09 Helps for High School Ginny Seuffert
Jan ‘10 Using Seton for High School Ginny Seuffert
Feb ‘10 More High School Helps Ginny Seuffert
Jun ‘10 Searching and Researching
Aug ‘10 Prepare Early for High School
Jul ‘12 Military And Uniformed Service Academy Prep Program
Aug ‘13 Secrets to Teen Motivation Sarah Rose
Oct ‘13 High School at Seton Home Study: Your Bridge to the Future
Nov-Dec ‘13 Christmas Time in High School
Jul ‘14 Facts Are What Make History Important Nick Marmalejo
Aug ‘14 History at Seton
Mar ‘15 High School English at Seton
Jul ‘15 Taking On High School Chris Smith
Aug ‘15 Your 3 High School Diploma Options Chris Smith
Sep ‘15 Mastering English Before It Masters You
Sep ‘15 Work & School: Learning to Operate Successfully Outside the Home Bob Wiesner
Oct ‘15 Q&A: Should I Homeschool Through High School? Dr. Mary Kay Clark
Oct ‘15 Schedule & Reward: The Best Way to Pace Homeschooling Bob Wiesner
Nov ‘15 My Crazy Rome Trip: Why It Reminds Me of Seton High School Chris Smith
Dec ‘15/Jan ‘16 The New SAT: What Your High Schooler Can Expect Chris Smith
Jun ‘16 The Amazing Lifetime Value of English Courses Dr. Robert Rice
Jun ‘16 How to Triumph Over the Comfortable Pull of Nostalgia Chris Smith
Jul ‘16 Message to Catholic Graduates: Make America Good Again! Dr. Mary Kay Clark
Jul ‘16 Why We Must Embrace the Joy of Accomplishment John Clark
Jul ‘16 4 Compelling Reasons to Graduate from High School Ginny Seuffert
Nov ‘16 American Literature at Seton: Fostering a Love of our Country Christine Smitha
Nov ‘16 Our Founding Fathers and the Virtue of Patriotism Bob Wiesner


Issue Date Article Title Author
Feb ‘97 Training Them Right Dr. Mary Kay Clark
Mar ‘98 The Training of Children at Home Dr. Mary Kay Clark
Mar ‘01 Discipline Ginny Seuffert
Mar ‘04 Preempt Bad Behavior Dr. Mark Lowery
Aug ‘04 Discipline in the Catholic Home: Minding Manners Ginny Seuffert
Sep ‘04 Discipline in the Catholic Home: Minding Manners [Part 2] Ginny Seuffert
Oct ‘04 Discipline in the Catholic Home: Discipline Early and Often Ginny Seuffert
Nov ‘04 Discipline in the Catholic Home: The Pre-Kindergarten Years Ginny Seuffert
Apr ‘06 Naptimes, Bedtimes and Other Routines Ginny Seuffert
Apr ‘10 Toddler Do’s and Don’ts Ginny Seuffert
May ‘10 Proper Perspective on Discipline Ginny Seuffert
Jun ‘10 Avoiding Overindulgence Ginny Seuffert
Mar ‘11 Attitude Deacon Gene McGuirk
Jul ‘11 Discipline Ginny Seuffert
Jun ‘12 From Our Families: Discipline Secrets
Jul ‘13 Discipline: Establishing Authority Ginny Seuffert
Sep ‘13 Obedience: The Bedrock for Harmony and Order in the Home Fr. Frank Papa

Father’s Role

Issue Date Article Title Author
Sep ‘96 Eight Step Program for Fathers Ed Gudan
Jun ‘99 Father’s Role Steve Wood
Mar ‘00 The Biblical Role of the Father Gerry Matatics
Sep ‘00 Eight Habits of Highly Effective Fathers Chris Erikson
Aug ‘01 The Importance of Fathers in Our Search for God Most Rev. Charles Chaput
Jun ‘02 Fathers Can Make a Difference Doug Bean
Oct ‘02 The Critical Role of Fatherhood Fr. Paul Check
Apr ‘03 Eight Step Program for Fathers Ed Gudan
Mar ‘06 Fathers Make a Difference Doug Bean
May ‘06 A Big Dose of Dad Ginny Seuffert
Oct ‘06 Time, Infinity, and the Home Schooling Father John Clark
Jul ‘08 The Father’s Role John Clark
Aug ‘08 What’s At Stake John Clark
Sep ‘08 A Day in the Life John Clark
Nov ‘08 Mere Fatherhood John Clark
Dec ‘08 Coming to a Stadium Near You John Clark
Jan ‘09 Before the Throne of God John Clark
Feb ‘09 A Love Letter John Clark
Mar ‘09 Conversations with Children John Clark
Apr ‘09 Long Division John Clark
May ‘09 Checks and Balances John Clark
Jun ‘09 Time and Tide John Clark
Jul ‘09 Hello, Good Men John Clark
Aug ‘09 Decaf John Clark
Sep ‘09 64 Degrees of Separation John Clark
Oct ‘09 Get Back in the Box John Clark
Nov ‘09 Eight Isn’t Enough John Clark
Dec ‘09 Love Story John Clark
Jan ‘10 Energetic Reading John Clark
Feb ‘10 Getting Back on Track John Clark
Mar ‘10 Who’s Got You? John Clark
Apr ‘10 On Sleep John Clark
May ‘10 Unknown Subjects John Clark
Jul ‘10 Fish Stories John Clark
Aug ‘10 Play Ball! John Clark
Sep ‘10 A New Year John Clark
Oct ‘10 The Mercy of Fatherhood John Clark
Nov ‘10 Questions, Answers, and Errors John Clark
Dec ‘10 It’s a Wonderful Life John Clark
Jan ‘11 Forty John Clark
Feb ‘11 A Night Out John Clark
Mar ‘11 Television and Lent John Clark
Apr ‘11 Under the Sea…Almost John Clark
May ‘11 No Rest for the Weary John Clark
Aug ‘11 Lost in Translation John Clark
Sep ‘11 If John Clark
Nov ‘11 Transitions John Clark
Jan ‘12 Halo John Clark
Feb ‘12 Gingerbread Houses and Nightlights John Clark
Mar ‘12 Going My Way John Clark
Apr ‘12 Culture Shock John Clark
May ‘12 Wrong Address John Clark
Jun ‘12 Obstacles John Clark
Jul ‘12 Veronica John Clark
Aug ‘12 What About Today? John Clark
Sep ‘12 Falling in Love Again John Clark
Oct ‘12 First Day of School John Clark
Nov-Dec ‘12 Going Home John Clark
Jan ‘13 Doubts and Demons John Clark
Feb ‘13 Good is Great John Clark
Mar ‘13 Fourteen Forever John Clark
Apr ‘13 Center Ice John Clark
May ‘13 Buy a Tablet John Clark
Jun ‘13 The Consolation of God John Clark
Jul ‘13 The Primrose Path John Clark
Aug ‘13 7 Tips to Improve Your Homeschooling This Year John Clark
Sep ‘13 Cookie Cutters and Angels John Clark
Oct ‘13 Giving God a Chance John Clark
Nov-Dec ‘13 Sitting at the Kids’ Table John Clark
Jan ‘14 Museums John Clark
Feb ‘14 Immortal Love John Clark
Mar ‘14 Many Are Called John Clark
Apr ‘14 Walking through Wardrobes John Clark
May ‘14 A Day at the Spa for Homeschooling Moms John Clark
Jun ‘14 Dads: Irreplaceable Heroes of Homeschooling Christine Smitha
Jun ‘14 5 Ways to Thank Dads Christine Smitha
Sep ‘14 4 Reasons Why Homeschooling is the Exact Opposite of Common Core John Clark
Oct ‘14 When One Mother Decided to Homeschool Her Son, A Light Bulb Went On John Clark
Feb ‘15 How Marshmallows Can Change Your Life John Clark
Mar ‘15 Snow Blindness: Why I Can’t See Winter’s Bright Side John Clark
Apr ‘15 Why We Must Love the Difficult Students *More* John Clark
May ‘15 Have your Children Lost the Faith? How St Anthony Can Help John Clark
Jun ‘15 Fatherhood – A Vocation of Love John Clark
Jul ‘15 Where Are YOU Going? John Clark
Sep ‘15 ‘Keep Your Dad Home’ Day John Clark
Oct ‘15 6 Homeschool Tips from an Injured Dad John Clark
Nov ‘15 Critical Thinking: Why We Need to Rediscover the ‘Why’ in Education John Clark
Dec ‘15/Jan ‘16 You’re Invited: To Become a Christmas Child…Again John Clark
Mar ‘16 Fishing in Canada: Why It’s Important to Go on Family Vacation John Clark
Apr ‘16 ‘Go Read a Book’: How to Raise an Educated Young Thinker John Clark
Jun ‘16 St. John Bosco: An Inspiration for Fathers? Dr. Mary Kay Clark
Jun ‘16 Why You’re Actually a Great Homeschooling Dad Christine Smitha
Jun ‘16 When Dads Teach – Confessions of a Homeschooling Father John Clark
Aug ‘16 Why Is ‘Happiness’ all You Catholics Talk About? John Clark
Sep ‘16 Busy Dad? Finding Quality Time When You’ve Got Nothing Left John Clark
Oct ‘16 An Ancient Soul in a Modern World: Fr. Constantine Belisarius John Clark


Issue Date Article Title Author
May ‘01 An Orderly Home Dr. Mary Kay Clark
Jul ‘02 Benefits of a Structured Program
Aug ‘02 Disorder in the Classroom Dr. Peg Luksik
Oct ‘03 Essentials of Home Management Ginny Seuffert
Nov ‘03 Essentials of Home Management #2 Ginny Seuffert
Dec ‘03 Essentials of Home Management #3 Ginny Seuffert
Jan ‘04 Essentials of Home Management #4 Ginny Seuffert
Feb ‘04 Essentials of Home Management #5 Ginny Seuffert
Mar ‘04 Essentials of Home Management #6 Ginny Seuffert
Apr ‘04 Essentials of Home Management #7 Ginny Seuffert
May ‘04 Essentials of Home Management #8 Ginny Seuffert
Jun ‘05 Perseverance Ginny Seuffert
Aug ‘05 Organization
Dec ‘05 Household Management Ginny Seuffert
Nov ‘07 Easy Dinnertime Ginny Seuffert
Jan ‘13 On Time and On Task Ginny Seuffert
May ‘14 Organization: Key for Success!
Jun ‘14 Organizing My Life John Clark

Summer Break

Issue Date Article Title Author
Jun ‘99 Summer Time
Jun ‘06 Summer Checklist
Jun ‘15 9 Ways to Do Summer Right Bob Wiesner
Jul ‘16 Summer & Creation: Take Time to Enjoy Them Bob Wiesner


Issue Date Article Title Author
Sep ‘98 Preparing Your Child for College Mary Alice Rice, MA
Jan ‘99 Choosing a College Dr. Mitchell Kalpakgian
Apr ‘99 Home Schoolers in College Dr. Mary Kay Clark
Feb ‘00 Home Schoolers in College Thomas Susanka
May ‘04 Planning for College John Clark
May ‘12 The College Maze Bob Wiesner
Aug ‘12 Studying for the PSAT Bob Wiesner
Sep ‘12 College Prep – Early Admission to College Bob Wiesner
Oct ‘12 College Prep – ACT and SAT Bob Wiesner
Nov-Dec ‘12 College Prep – The Application, The Essay, and Recommendations Bob Wiesner
Jan ‘13 College Prep – Choosing the Right College Bob Wiesner
Feb ‘13 College Prep – Service Academies Bob Wiesner
Mar ‘13 College Prep – Make Yourself Irresistible to Colleges Bob Wiesner
Apr ‘13 College Prep – Homeschoolers and Military Service Academies
May ‘13 College Prep – Final Academic Preparations
Jun ‘13 College Prep – Spiritual Preparations Bob Wiesner
Jul ‘13 College Prep – Private Graduations
Aug ‘13 College Prep – Making the Break Bob Wiesner
Sep ‘13 College Prep – Ready, Set…Wait a Minute! Bob Wiesner
Oct ‘13 College Prep – Going into Highways and Byways Bob Wiesner
Jan ‘14 Choosing the Right College Bob Wiesner
Jan ‘14 College Prep – College Isn’t for Everyone Bob Wiesner
May ‘14 College Prep: Diploma Names Bob Wiesner
Jul ‘14 College Prep: The College Fine Arts Requirement Bob Wiesner
Aug ‘14 College: Culture Matters! Bob Wiesner
Sep ‘14 Hectic at College? Take Time to Rest! Bob Wiesner
Feb ‘15 Finalizing College Applications Bob Wiesner
May ‘15 Graduation: Preparing for the Finish Line Chris Smith
Jul ‘15 Packing the Faith for College
Mar ‘16 Staying Involved: Why Dads Should Guide Kids to College Christopher Smith
Oct ‘16 College Applications: What Do Colleges Really Look At? Christopher Smith

General Home Schooling Help

Issue Date Article Title Author
Apr ‘96 Upbringing Dr. Mary Kay Clark
Jul ‘96 Home Schooling the 2nd Year Dr. Mary Kay Clark
Aug ‘96 NCEA and Home Schooling
Nov ‘96 Civilization of Love Dr. Mary Kay Clark
Jun ‘97 But I’m Not Finished Yet! Dr. Mary Kay Clark
Nov ‘97 Teaching Writing Skills Erin Duffy
Feb ‘98 Flexibility at Seton Dr. Mary Kay Clark
May ‘98 Ending the Year Dr. Mary Kay Clark
Dec ‘00 Father Hardon on Home Schooling Fr. Hardon
Apr ‘01 Teaching History Dr. Anne Carroll
Jun ‘01 Teaching History Dr. Anne Carroll
Feb ‘02 The Importance of Catholic Materials
Feb ‘02 Catholic Philosophy of Education
Mar ‘02 Medieval Education Aims
May ‘02 Guidelines, Obedience, and Authority in the Church
Feb ‘03 Educators Because They Are Parents
May ‘03 Taking Children to Church Dr. Mary Kay Clark
Aug ‘03 Academic and Spiritual Formation
Dec ‘04 Answering the Relatives Ginny Seuffert
Jan ‘05 Motivation
Jan ‘05 Mid-Winter Blues Ginny Seuffert
May ‘05 Some Basic Rules for the Home Ginny Seuffert
Jul ‘05 Cutting Out Distractions Ginny Seuffert
Oct ‘05 Home School Balance: Flexibility and Standards Ginny Seuffert
Mar ‘06 Take Up Your Cross Ginny Seuffert
Apr ‘07 Love of Learning Ginny Seuffert
May ‘07 Motivation and Home Schooling Kevin Clark
Jan ‘08 Is It Cheating? Ginny Seuffert
Feb ‘08 Book Reports Ginny Seuffert
Mar ‘08 Motivation
Mar ‘08 The Importance of Conferences Ginny Seuffert
Apr ‘08 Little Things Dr. Mary Kay Clark
May ‘08 Answering Relatives
Jul ‘08 Address by Dr. Clark at the Seton Graduation Dr. Mary Kay Clark
Aug ‘08 Responding to Inquiries Ginny Seuffert
Aug ‘08 Boys Like Active Learning Dr. Mary Kay Clark
Oct ‘08 Hitting Your Stride Ginny Seuffert
Nov ‘08 Future Perfect Kevin Clark
Nov ‘08 Love of Reading Ginny Seuffert
Dec ‘08 Is Seton “Too” Catholic?
Dec ‘08 Love of Learning Ginny Seuffert
Jan ‘09 A Plan for the New Year Ginny Seuffert
May ‘09 Convincing Your Spouse Ginny Seuffert
Aug ‘09 Using Your My Seton Page
Nov ‘09 Teaching Writing Skills Erin Duffy
Nov ‘09 Realizing What We Have Dr. Mary Kay Clark
Dec ‘09 Self-Evaluation Kevin Clark
Dec ‘09 Using the Lesson Plans Ginny Seuffert
Jan ‘10 Reading Is Fundamental Dr. Mary Kay Clark
Mar ‘10 Why Should I Study That? Deacon Gene McGuirk
Apr ‘10 Burnout Carole Breslin
Jun ‘10 Pragmatism and Principle Kevin Clark
Jul ‘10 Graduation Address by Dr. Mary Kay Clark Dr. Mary Kay Clark
Aug ‘10 The Importance of Catholic Materials
Sep ‘10 Using Your My Seton Page
Sep ‘10 Be Sure You Receive Email From Seton
Nov ‘10 Home Schooling Tips
Nov ‘10 The Goldilocks Factor Ginny Seuffert
Jan ‘11 Redeeming the Time Wisely Ginny Seuffert
Feb ‘11 Book Report Detective Work
Feb ‘11 Videos and Barcodes
Mar ‘11 Technology Update
Sep ‘11 Using Your My Seton Page
Dec ‘11 How to Teach Science in Your Daily Life: Part 1 Kenneth J. Stein, PhD
Jan ‘12 How to Teach Science in Your Daily Life – Part 2 Kenneth J. Stein, PhD
Mar ‘12 How to Study
May ‘12 To Tailor or Not To Tailor the Curriculum Ginny Seuffert
Jun ‘12 Positive Changes Ginny Seuffert
Oct ‘12 The Boulder and the Pebble Tom Herlihy
Oct ‘12 Presidential Election Ginny Seuffert
Feb ‘13 Catholic Homeschooling Conferences
Feb ‘13 Independent Work Ginny Seuffert
Mar ‘13 Book Reports Ginny Seuffert
Apr ‘13 Study Skills Online Course
Apr ‘13 How Much Mom Time? Ginny Seuffert
May ‘13 An Assurance of Academic Excellence: Seton Home Study School’s Accreditation Program
May ‘13 Excellence in English Ginny Seuffert
Jun ‘13 Tutorial Videos
Jun ‘13 Book Reports
Aug ‘13 The Habits of Successful Homeschoolers
Oct ‘13 Homeschool Success through a Flexible Schedule
Jan ‘14 The Marks of a Quality Catholic Education Ginny Seuffert
Feb ‘14 Catholic, Root and Branch
Feb ‘14 Flexible Schedules
Feb ‘14 2014 New GPA System
Mar ‘14 4 Ways to Turn Spring Fever into Exciting Homeschooling Opportunities! Christine Smitha
Apr ‘14 4 Steps to Reach Your Educational Goals Christine Smitha
Apr ‘14 Composition Assignments and the Importance of Writing Well Seton Staff
Jul ‘14 My 12 Tips for Catholic Homeschoolers Fr. Constantine
Sep ‘14 Homeschooling in Africa: Memories of a White Fathers Missionary African Missionary Priest
Oct ‘14 A Carmelite Vocation: From Homeschooling to the Religious Life A Carmelite Nun, a Seton Graduate
Nov ‘14 How to Get an Elite Prep School Education on a Homeschooling Budget Ginny Seuffert
Feb ‘15 4 Ways to Make Homeschooling Easier than Ever with Seton’s Online Tools
Mar ‘15 The University of the Universe Bob Wiesner
Apr ‘15 The 2015 Homeschool Conference Season
Apr ‘15 The Key to Mindful Reading Christine Smitha
Apr ‘15 Common Core Concerns Bob Wiesner
Jul ‘15 Gymnastics and Homeschooling Katie Heenan Dodson
Oct ‘15 7 Strategies to Stabilize the School Year Christine Smitha
Oct ‘15 Getting Back on Track When Homeschooling Falls Apart Mary Ellen Barrett
Nov ‘15 How Seton Has Changed to Better Serve Catholic Families
Nov ‘15 Chess Mates: Why Seton Homeschoolers Should Play! Nick Marmalejo
Dec ‘15/Jan ‘16 Betty Bayley’s ‘Homeschool’: How We Can Help Save Our Children & Our Country Dr. Mary Kay Clark
Feb ‘16 Enhancing Your Homeschool Experience: Seton’s Projects for 2016
Feb ‘16 Great Discoveries: The Exciting Future of Seton Education John Clark
Feb ‘16 The Top 4 Homeschool Questions of 2015 I Answered at Conferences Ginny Seuffert
Mar ‘16 Education or Vacation? Fun Field Trip Ideas to Supplement Your Homeschool Courses
Apr ‘16 Reading: Opening the Doors to the Rest of Education
May ‘16 Armor of God: Essential Wardrobe for Homeschooling Moms Christine Smitha
May ‘16 The Secret to Balancing Springtime and School Work Bob Wiesner
Sep ‘16 New This Year…SetonOnline Digital Courses for High School
Oct ‘16 How Seton’s Summer Reading Club Motivated Young Readers


Issue Date Article Title Author
Jul ‘06 Grandparents and Homeschooling: To Support, Not Usurp Mary Claire Robinson
Jun ‘11 Plum Pudding and Scrabble John Clark
May ‘16 Why There’s No Teacher Like Grandma Ginny Seuffert

Family Life

Issue Date Article Title Author
Dec ‘07 Surviving Christmas Ginny Seuffert
Jan ‘08 Sacramental Family Life Dr. Mary Kay Clark
Jun ‘08 California Crisis Dr. Mary Kay Clark
Jun ‘08 Heroic Charity Ginny Seuffert
Oct ‘08 Driven to Distraction Kevin Clark
Feb ‘09 The Shape of Things to Come Ginny Seuffert
Aug ‘09 Making Ends Meet Ginny Seuffert
Mar ‘10 Social Whirlwind Ginny Seuffert
May ‘10 Classics of Family Life Mitchell Kalpakgian
Oct ‘10 Happy and Healthy Ginny Seuffert
Feb ‘11 The Blue Zone Ginny Seuffert
Dec ‘11 Traditional Family Values Moriah Mosher
Jan ‘12 Holy Habits in the Home Ginny Seuffert
Jul ‘12 Virtual Views
Nov-Dec ‘12 Fall Food Prep Ginny Seuffert
Nov-Dec ‘13 Surviving Christmas Ginny Seuffert
Oct ‘14 Listening to Little Voices: What I (the Teacher) Learned from My Student George J. Galloway
Dec ‘14 – Jan ‘15 Keeping the Spirit of Christmas Alive Christine Smitha
Dec ‘14 – Jan ‘15 5 Ways to Simplify Your Christmas Week Mary Ellen Barrett
Feb ‘15 5 Ways We Bring Lent Home Mary Ellen Barrett
Mar ‘15 5 Reasons to Revive the Powerful Practice of Reading Aloud to Your Children Christine Smitha
Sep ‘15 The Dusty, Daring Road Ahead: Is it Time to Shake the Dust…or Not?
Dec ‘15/Jan ‘16 A Homeschooler’s Guide to Celebrating the 12 Days of Christmas Christine Smitha
Dec ‘15/Jan ‘16 Christmas Wishes & Festive Recipes from Seton Families!
Dec ‘15/Jan ‘16 4 Steps to a Simple Christmas for Homeschooling Families Abby Sasscer
Mar ‘16 ‘Bless me Father, I’m on Vacation’: Finding the Silver Lining Mary Ellen Barrett
Aug ‘16 The Secret to ‘Thank You Mom’ When We See a School Bus Mary Donellan
Sep ‘16 3 Ways Homeschool Husbands and Wives Can Stay Connected Amy Pawlusiak
Sep ‘16 3 Keys to the Foundation of the Homeschooling Family Dom Alban Baker
Oct ‘16 The Mysterious Way Parents Assist the Guardian Angels Amy Pawlusiak
Nov ‘16 All Souls Day: Ways We Can Honor and Help Them Dr. Mary Kay Clark
Nov ‘16 To Protect Our Freedoms – Patriotism Begins in the Home Mary Ellen Barrett


Issue Date Article Title Author
Aug ‘08 God Is My First Mate Deacon Eugene McGuirk
Mar ‘09 Lenten Reflection
Apr ‘09 Television and Icons Robert M. Wiesner
Feb ‘10 God’s Providential Care
Dec ‘10 Sacramental Life Dr. Mary Kay Clark
Dec ‘10 If Each Day Were Christmas
Jan ‘11 Saint Elizabeth Ann Seton
May ‘11 Remarks of Cardinal Sanchez to a Home Schooling Convention
Jun ‘11 The Beatitudes Rev. Robert Skeris
Aug ‘11 The Cardinal Virtues Fr. Charles C. Fiore
Dec ‘11 Channels of Grace Fr. John Hardon
Jun ‘12 Fatima and Lourdes Deacon Gene McGuirk
Aug ‘12 Virtual Views
Jun ‘13 Family School of Love and Virtues Fr. Charles C. Fiore
Jul ‘13 Education in the Family
Aug ‘13 Roe vs. Wade and the Republic Fr. Mark Pilon
Sep ‘13 Homeschooling and the Beatitudes Fr. George Parker
Nov-Dec ‘13 Elements of the Domestic Monastery Fr. Pablo Straub
Jan ‘14 Memorize Your Catechism
Feb ‘14 Surviving in a Secularized Society Msgr. Ignacio Barreiro-Carambula
Mar ‘14 The Beloved Beatitudes Fr. Robert Skeris
May ‘14 A Story of Shrines
May ‘14 The Family as a Natural Society & Domestic Church
Jun ‘14 The Holy Eucharist: Model of Family Life Fr. Paul Scalia
Jul ‘14 Chaos Theory John Clark
Aug ‘14 ‘Heresy Check’: One App I Really Want Made John Clark
Aug ‘14 Living the Faith as a Family: Our Lady’s Guide Fr. Robert Levis
Nov ‘14 A Wedding Toast: Marriage, the Only Sacramentalized Relationship John Clark
Nov ‘14 Celebrating Advent in a World That Can’t Wait for Christmas Christine Smitha
Nov ‘14 The Gift of a Visit Dr. Mitchell Kalpakgian
Dec ‘14 – Jan ‘15 The Holy Family Msgr. Ignacio Barreiro Carámbula
Feb ‘15 5 Things to Know about the Immaculate Conception Msgr. Ignacio Barreiro Carámbula
Mar ‘15 Holy Week: The 3 Holiest Moments of the Whole Year Fr. Stephen McGraw
Apr ‘15 The ‘Sacrament of Easter’ Lived Throughout the Year Fr. Edward C. Hathaway
May ‘15 4 Ways to Celebrate May as Mary’s Month Mary Ellen Barrett
May ‘15 Our Lady of Fatima & 3 Homeschooled Children Fr. Frank Papa, S.O.L.T., J.C.D.
Jun ‘15 Vocations at Seton: Greater Hope than Ever for the Future
Jun ‘15 The Holy Spirit & the Balloon: A Lesson About Faith I Learned From My Special-Needs Son Dennis P. McGeehan
Aug ‘15 A Homeschool Homily Fr. Seamus O’Kielty
Oct ‘15 The Inspiration of St Isaac Jogues for Homeschool Mothers Dr. Mary Kay Clark
Oct ‘15 Under Your Protection: The Marian Antiphons in Homeschooling Fr. Mark Wenzinger
Nov ‘15 Why Catholic Homeschooling & Monks Seek the Same Thing Sister Anne Marie Walsh, SOLT
Feb ‘16 Kids Lost the Faith? 3 Sinners-Turned-Saints to Encourage You! Bob Wiesner
Feb ‘16 How Your Family Can Observe Lent in the Year of Mercy Fr. Stephen F. McGraw
Mar ‘16 Relax with Scripture: Pope Emeritus Benedict’s Summer Reading Suggestion Pope Emeritus Benedict XVI
Apr ‘16 How to Start ‘Lectio Divina’ (Divine Reading) in 2 Simple Psalms Fr. Mark Wenzinger, OSB, PhD
May ‘16 3 Simple Ways to Ask for Our Mother Mary’s Protection John Clark
May ‘16 The Remarkable Influence of the Maternal Heart Dom Alban Baker
Jun ‘16 Divine & Human: How You Can Imitate God’s Paternity Dom Alban Baker
Jul ‘16 3 Lessons to Teach our Youth from John Paul II’s ‘Redeemer of Man’ Marc Postiglione
Sep ‘16 Holy Homeschoolers: Lessons from Saints Anne and Joachim Dr. Mary Kay Clark
Oct ‘16 Holy Guardian Angels: Ever this Day My Homeschool Guide Dr. Mary Kay Clark
Oct ‘16 Homeschool Guardians: 3 Ways to Honor the Angels Dom Alban Baker
Nov ‘16 Politics and Prayer – Why We Must Pray for our Leaders John Clark
Nov ‘16 In God We Trust – Providence, Politics & Patriotism Fr. Mark Wenzinger


Issue Date Article Title Author
Mar ‘11 Ever Ancient, Ever New Dr. Mitchell Kalpakgian
Apr ‘11 Ever Ancient, Ever New #2 Dr. Mitchell Kalpakgian
Apr ‘11 Truth in Fiction: Home Schooling and Christian Literature Dr. Joseph Pearce
May ‘11 Ever Ancient, Ever New #3 Dr. Mitchell Kalpakgian
Jun ‘11 Ever Ancient, Ever New #4 Dr. Mitchell Kalpakgian
Jul ‘11 Ever Ancient, Ever New #5 Dr. Mitchell Kalpakgian
Aug ‘11 The World is Charged with the Grandeur of God Dr. Mitchell Kalpakgian
Sep ‘11 Classics for the Young: Middle School Literature Dr. Mitchell Kalpakgian
Nov ‘11 Classics for the Young: Junior High Literature Dr. Mitchell Kalpakgian
Nov-Dec ‘12 G.K. Chesterton’s The Ballad of the White Horse Dr. Mitchell Kalpakgian
Jan ‘13 Wisdom: The Fruit of True Education Dr. Mitchell Kalpakgian
Mar ‘13 Art Through Faith
Jun ‘15 Mrs. March: The Example of Motherhood from ‘Little Women’ Dr. Mitchell Kalpakgian
Sep ‘16 The Surprising Man Who Debunks Anti-Catholic History Bob Wiesner

Family Profiles

Issue Date Article Title Author
Jun ‘12 We Homeschool for Life! Dessi Jackson
Jul ‘12 Strengthening The Family Zaida Wohleking
Aug ‘12 A Foundation of Prayer Michelle Alger
Sep ‘12 Lives of Service
Oct ‘12 Ad Majorem Dei Gloriam – “To the Greater Glory of God!” Maria C. Schaefer Nauman
Nov-Dec ‘12 The Holy Family
Jan ‘13 With Seton on the Seas: Esprit— A McWilliam Family Adventure The McWilliam Family
Feb ‘13 Thirteen Years of Seton Success Elizabeth Felsheim
Mar ‘13 A Mission at Home Anne Yamakaitis
Apr ‘13 Going Where God’s Will Takes You Andrea Gowans
May ‘13 A Never-Ending Adventure Steven and Joy Domangue
Jun ‘13 Easter Brings New Life Renee Mills
Jul ‘13 Life as a Child of Seton Michael McMahon
Aug ‘13 “I Am Not Going to Homeschool!” Susan Alessandrini
Sep ‘13 A Straight and Narrow Path Kelly Madrid
Oct ‘13 For Love of Them Abbie Bracy
Nov-Dec ‘13 From England, with Love Monica Berghout
Jan ‘14 Upon This Rock Jennifer Nelson
Feb ‘14 Joy in the Heart Heather Kerbis
Mar ‘14 Schooling in Four Seasons with Seton Jim and Betsy Shanley
Apr ‘14 Let the Children Come to Me Michelle Bosso
May ‘14 One Family’s Homeschooling Saga Charles Asper
Jun ‘14 Stuck on Seton…Forever! Lisa Duda
Jul ‘14 Running the Good Race Becki Agar
Aug ‘14 Homeschooling from Our Domestic Shrine in Puerto Rico The Pérez Family
Sep ‘14 It’s Impossible, Right? Not with God! Gary Zimak
Oct ‘14 Keeping Up with My Army Husband: We Homeschool on the Move! The McCormick Family
Nov ‘14 Head First: Our Surprising Homeschool Journey! Maureen Stowell
Dec ‘14 – Jan ‘15 Journey to a Simpler Life: The Unexpected Joys of Becoming a One Car Family Jessica Wilde
Feb ‘15 Keeping God at the Center Susan Rocco
Mar ‘15 “I Wish We’d Homeschooled Sooner!” The Whalen Family
Apr ‘15 8 Active Homeschoolers: The Wersland Family Story Christina Wersland
May ‘15 Trusting Myself to Teach: How Mary Led Me to Homeschooling Heather Hryniewiecki
Jun ‘15 All the Way to Eternity: The Hendershott Family’s Homeschooling Story Howard and Susan Hendershott
Jul ‘15 Armed & Ready: How Homeschool Equips a Family to Encounter the World Catherine Shaw & Family
Aug ‘15 A Whole New level Amy Thomas
Sep ‘15 How Do You Do It? Tara Brelinsky
Oct ‘15 Resiliency in our Children: The Unexpected Benefits to Homeschooling The Payne Family
Nov ‘15 A Homeschool Dad: “My Perspective on Keeping My Kids’ Education Catholic” Dave Steele
Dec ‘15/Jan ‘16 Faith, Family, & Adventure! Homeschooling with the Lyons Christine Lyons
Feb ‘16 Horses and Homeschooling – with the Garver Family Susan Garver
Mar ‘16 A Public School Teacher’s Decision to Homeschool Christina Patterson
Apr ‘16 Prayer, Work & Play with a Homeschool Military Family Amy Bissonnette
May ‘16 Savoring the Gift of Seton Amanda Evinger
Jun ‘16 God First, Then Family: Being a Homeschooling Father Peter Campbell
Jul ‘16 From Skating to Seton: An Interview with the Williams Family
Aug ‘16 I Wish We’d Found Seton Earlier: An Interview with the Mayrose Family
Sep ‘16 7 Ways the Seton Curriculum Makes Us a Stronger Family Jody Boyd
Oct ‘16 Lessons of Life – 7 Pillars of Homeschooling Success Merideth Sanico
Nov ‘16 We’re So Happy to Say, “Yes, They’re All Ours!” Christa Owen