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I would recommend Seton to any family looking for quality Catholic home study curriculum. Love it! -Christine M.


My daughter started at 13 and she is loving it now that she has settled into a groove:). It is so worth it. -Tisha H.


I wanted to say how much I love Seton! This is our first year homeschooling and you have made my family as a whole so happy. My kids now love waking up to “go” to school. Thank you again! -Beckie W.


Thanks so much for your constant improvements to your curriculum. We are loving it!!!! -Nicole M.


I’ve been with SHSS for about 8 years now, and it’s been a blessing to be a part of it all! I can’t express how grateful I am to my parents for encouraging me and being with me every step of the way. It’s senior year, and I want to finish proud! I’m blessed to be a part of this family 🙂 Thank you, Lord! -Hannah C.


We are a proud Seton Home Study Family! -Lucia B.


I love being with Seton Home Study School! God has blessed me soooo much! Just thought I should share this with you 🙂 -Meagan R.


We are excited and looking forward to starting this curriculum next month. It’ll be great having something that makes it easier to integrate learning our faith into our everyday activities. 🙂-Leah E.


The flexibility is just stupendous! -Lucia B.


We received the books today and my son was sooo exited, Thank SHSS again for the great job you all do to bring out the best in all my family. God Bless, and please keep all your homeschoolers in prayer, that we will continue to keep our school (SHSS) in our prayers. -Maria M.


My son is in the 7th grade this year and we’ve been with Seton since he started school! Love all the support and kindness! Thanks for hiring such wonderful, devoted, Christian people who seem to love what they do! -Shirley G.


Girls are re-enrolled for the new year – can hardly wait! -Monica R.


We are new to Seton and this is our 3rd year home schooling. We are so excited to begin school on Monday! Second grade here we come. My daughter has already read most of the books since they arrived. We know this will be a fantastic year! THANK YOU SETON!!! -Michelle C.


Seton, you rock! Studying is hard work, but I know it is worth it! God bless and thank you so much for all you do for my spiritual and educational growth! -Jack G.


Just re-enrolled for 2011-12 5th grade! Been with Seton since Kindergarten!! -Linda B


Seton Catholic Home Schooling was one of GREATEST decisions my husband and I ever made together, through prayer and through the invitation of friends who used it. My children received THE BEST foundation in their elementary school years, and it has shown itself to be such a blessing in our life, over and over again. I LOVE Seton and give thanks for everyone who had a hand in making it available. -Judy D.


Just enrolled year #4…how my kiddies are growing! So thankful for the opportunity Seton gives our family to combine faith, morals, education, and MAXIMUM family time :). -Joe & Michelle H.


Seton home schooling has been just what we needed. I highly recommend it. -Dorothy W.


Can’t wait to start a new school year in September, thanks for all you do to make homeschooling great!! -Nicole M.


Seton’s new History text for 8th grade was outstanding! My son received this 600+ page book late in the Fall and completed it by the end of the school year. He really enjoyed it. Thanks Seton! -Joanne P.


Thanks, Seton, for a great year and for all of the support and help that you provided. It was a challenge – and not every day was perfect – but it was a successful year. Looking forward to next year! -Monica R.


We are really enjoying all the new products and options in your catalog! It is nice to have choices for subjects such as math and science. Thank you for your dedication to homeschooling families. -Kata B.