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Seton’s rigorous academic program forms an individual who is both ready and qualified to do academic work at the college level or to advance their skills for success in the workforce. A Seton student develops a wide and deep knowledge base, a proficiency in the acquisition of knowledge, and the ability to analyze, shape, and present concepts. After successful completion of Seton’s demanding academic program, a graduate feels emboldened to embrace any academic or vocational challenge. Additionally, a Seton graduate retains their education for life, having found satisfaction in the riches of knowledge and wisdom while at Seton. This appreciation for the life of the intellect translates into an eagerness to work hard in any academic or vocational discipline outside of Seton and thus creates a character desirable in the workforce. Seton’s Guidance department is here to help you begin the journey.

College Prep

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Religious Vocations

Vocations are just one of the many fruits of Homeschooling.

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Why do you want to go to college? Are you wanting an academic program that aims at both natural and divine wisdom? Or are you looking for something more direct and concrete, like a field of study major/degree? How will you pay for it? Truth be told student debt is crippling, but there are many ways to afford the college education you desire. Your guidance department is here to assist you with these questions. Here are a few articles and topics to help you get started.

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College Major Myths

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College Entrance Exams

Every year, Seton students trend stronger than the average.

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Seton provides an ideal preparation for college or university studies, and Seton students have had remarkable success with acceptance at universities and in receiving scholarships and financial aid. Click here to explore a tool that shows colleges Seton students have been accepted to and which ones have awarded scholarships to Seton students.

What are YOUR Plans after High School?

Find Your Path Toward Joy, Meaning, and Purpose

Choosing A Career

Seton=Bridge to Future

Consider a Trade

Joy in a Single Career

Narrow it down with Jobzology

All enrolled students have access to our guidance department and a tool to help:

  • Discover your path by taking assessments that will help you think about what is important to you.
  • Explore the different career paths that make the most sense for your unique interests and values.
  • Prepare for future jobs by learning what strengths you bring to the table and the type of environment you need to succeed.
  • See the different steps you can take on your journey towards building a life full of joy, meaning, and purpose.
  • Enrolled students may access Jobzology from your MySeton account.

Religious Vocations Articles

by Seton Staff

A Peek Inside Religious Life for Homeschooling Parents

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