Seton Scholarship Fund 2024

Transforming Lives Through Catholic Education


At Seton Home Study School, we firmly believe in the power of a high-quality Catholic education to transform lives and shape future leaders. Our mission is to make this education accessible to as many families as possible. However, we recognize that financial hardships can create barriers for some families, preventing them from accessing an affordable and exceptional education for their children.

The Seton Scholarship Fund

To address this challenge, we have established the Seton Scholarship Fund. This program is dedicated to providing financial assistance to families facing hardships, allowing their children to benefit from a Seton education and fostering a love of the Faith. In line with our Catholic values, we are committed to helping our brothers and sisters in Christ overcome financial barriers and support them on their homeschool journey.

Your Role in Supporting Our Mission

We are kindly asking our Seton families to help us help others. Your generosity and compassion can make a significant difference in the lives of fellow Catholic families facing financial challenges. Supporting our financial aid program not only provides immediate assistance to those in need, but it also contributes to the growth and enrichment of the Church.

Note: Seton is a tax exempt 501c(3) charitable organization. We also have the option on our online enrollment form to add a donation for the Scholarship Fund. 

Impact of Financial Aid

Last year, Seton was proud to award over $70,000 in financial aid helping over 400 students in need. This support has had a significant impact on the lives of these students, enabling them to start or continue their Catholic education and thrive academically, spiritually, and personally. As we see our students grow in faith and knowledge, we are reminded of the importance of our financial aid program and the crucial role it plays in the future of the Church. While 400 students might sound like a lot (it is more students than many Catholic schools have in total), there many more waiting for our help.

Ways to Support the Financial Aid Program

1. Make a one-time or recurring donation online by clicking HERE. Any amount, no matter how small, will make a difference in supporting our financial aid efforts. Your donation will directly benefit families in need, ensuring they can continue to access quality Catholic education.

2. You may also send a check made payable to “Seton Home Study School” with “Financial Aid” in the memo line. Please mail your donation to:

Seton Home Study School
Attn: Financial Aid Program
1350 Progress Drive
Front Royal, VA 22630

3. For those who prefer to make a donation over the phone, please call our office at (540) 622-5556 and mention that you would like to contribute to the financial aid program.

4. Share our mission with others: Help us spread the word about our financial aid program by sharing our cause with your friends, family, and fellow parishioners. Posting on social media always helps. The more people who are aware of our mission, the greater the impact we can make together.

5. Pray for our efforts: Please keep Seton Home Study School, our students, and our financial aid program in your prayers. As we work to support those in need, we trust in the Lord to guide our efforts and bless our community.


We have 11 children and have used Seton for 24 years. When we started the program we owned a thriving business and we bought full programs for all of our kids and shared any extra resources we had with families in need. We fostered children for 15 years and adopted 5. We experienced a family crisis in 2014 that changed everything. We asked Seton for financial aid and were able to continue using their program which helped keep that part of our lives stable and unchanged while dealing with hard things. In 2021 my husband had a heart attack which was another setback and again Seton helped us stay with the program. My last three children using Seton all require special services which is an additional charge. The financial aid made it possible for us to meet our children’s needs once again. We are so grateful for the generous donors that make this possible. Seton is a huge part of why my grown and younger children are all doing so well. Thank you so much and God Bless.
Catherine in Ohio

Receiving financial aid from Seton meant the world to us. My husband lost his job and we were afraid that I may have to stop homeschooling and return back to work. The financial aid we received from Seton meant that we could afford to continue homeschooling the kids.
Arlene in Texas

My husband is a Veteran and suffers from PTSD, depression, and other health issues. He is our main income provider, and due to all that he deals with, it has been difficult to make ends meet months at a time. We fell behind on many bills and thought we couldn’t afford to continue to provide our kids the best curriculum that Seton has to offer. I emailed and asked if there was any sort of discount or some way we can still continue the education for our children, we were thrilled to find out we qualified for financial aid.

Receiving the financial aid program has helped us continue our children’s education while still learning religion (the most important subject in my opinion). My children have expressed how much they enjoy learning and the way subjects are so easy to understand. It is not overwhelmingly difficult and allows them to learn and complete it independently.

I cannot thank Seton enough for the financial aid program that has helped allowing my children to get the best education.

Annie from Texas

First and foremost, I would like to express my sincere thanks to Seton Home Study and Seton Financial assistance department. Without Seton financial assistance, my daughter’s Catholic Education would not have been possible.

My daughters have been involved with Seton Catholic Studies since 2015. Our 15 year-old, is a freshman in High School and our 11 year-old, is in 6th grade. They’ve been with Seton Home Study for the past 8 years. We are blessed to have met some of the most caring and knowledgeable counselors and staff at Seton.

Again, I would like to extend our sincere appreciation to Seton Home Study Organization. With your assistance, my precious daughters have the tools available to complete their Catholic Based Education. Our goal is to finish their studies at Seton and have the opportunity to be accepted and attend Ave Maria University.

As we all realize, a public education has proven to be challenging at best. As a retired Law enforcement officer, I am aware of what danger awaits our children. In my honest opinion, the current education system has failed the expectations of many American families. As a devout Catholic, I cannot and will not expose my children to unethical systematic changes, that will endanger our faith. Seton Home Study is a blessing. Having the opportunity to utilize a Catholic homeschool program has been beneficial part of our lives. Thank you.

Danny from California

Receiving financial support from Seton has meant a lot to my family. Since the pandemic began we have had a deep financial crisis and for a moment we believed that we could not continue with the Seton curriculum. Since our first daughter was born, we always had the idea of ensuring for her a profound Catholic education. We could not achieve this objective in any traditional school in our country, not even in those that are Catholic, due to the program that the government forces all to teach. When our daughter was ready for kindergarten our search began. Finding the Seton program was the end of our search. The program covered everything we have ever wanted for our children and more. That is why when we thought that we would lose this important Catholic education for us due to lack of resources, we were really saddened. We tried by all means to have the money to re-enroll our 5 children (they had always been enrolled in Seton since kindergarten), but we could not find a way. That was when we wrote to the Seton admissions team and they offered us financial aid to continue in the program…we were relieved and so grateful with God and with Seton! Our economic situation has not improved much since then because, as a sales agent, my husband has not been able to recover the clients lost during the pandemic. But thanks to God and the financial aid that Seton has offered us, we have been able to continue with the curriculum that has helped us so much and our children love. Over the years we have seen them grow in their knowledge and love of God and their Catholic Faith, their thinking skills, and their ability to write and speak well in English (our native language is Spanish)…preparing themselves to be good, qualified citizens for their country and for Heaven…and who knows, maybe even God will hopefully call them at His service in the priesthood or in the convent. We pray for it.

Lastly, I cannot stop thanking the Seton staff for their great commitment with Catholic education. I am sure it means a lot for many families like mine who find themselves in trouble to continue with a good Catholic education for their children. Thank you very much and may God bless you and reward you with Heaven.

Landy Margarita in Mexico

Upon receiving financial aid this year our family was able to enroll seven of our children in Seton, making it possible to continue a twelve year legacy of Seton enrollment – a solid Catholic homeschool education for our family since 2011.

The joy that our children receive from learning and reading the Seton curriculum is unmatched. They love learning their Catholic Faith alongside Mom and Dad who read daily Religion, History, Science, Literature and lives of the saints with them.

We are able to keep our seven children strong, confident, and on track in reading, writing, mathematics, and oral expression. Our first grader recently exclaimed “I love learning History! Please read me my History 1 book.” His enthusiasm for learning this year is contagious to his siblings, that even our four year old has begun to read the First grade Freedom readers!

Fellow Catholic parishioners, neighbors, friends, and family have commented on the maturity and respectful manners of our students. I credit their Seton education as being pivotal to my children’s formation as responsible, devout Catholics, who are serious about their Faith and education, and know their Catholic Faith, well enough to explain and defend its Truths.

Without receiving financial aid this year it would not have been possible to enroll all seven of our school age children. Therefore, we are incredibly grateful to all the donors who have contributed to support the financial aid program.

Ben and Trish in Florida

We want to thank SETON not only for their Financial Aid in 2020-2022 but also their patience in the whole Covid/forced back home years. To many covid was a disaster, but for us it turned out to be a blessing. It brought my children home from private school! After doing remote learning the 2nd half of School year 2020 we knew we had to look at options. Returning to a brick and mortar school environment wearing masks was obligatory, we knew we could not do that to our 5 children, especially the ones with special needs. Homeschooling was the ONLY OPTION, and we are so grateful that we returned to that. Some of our younger children (special needs) had never homeschooled before… but with Seton’s great curriculum, excellent teachers/counselors and the Financial Aid package that Seton provided us with… enabled all 5 to attend Seton Home School. It took 3 of the 5 two years to complete the work, as they adjusted to homeschooling; home curriculum among many other trials and tribulations, but with Seton’s generosity and patience we made it!! We made it through; Nothing can describe the sense of peace to us, the parents knowing that what material the children are learning are important tools and knowledge for their future, AND we do not have to worry or be concerned for what material is in their learning journeys. The knowledge they are acquiring will stay with them for life, God willing, and hopefully next year 2023-2024 we will have another Seton Graduate. Our Maria was able to graduate May 2021 (2020-2021), doing 2 years worth of work in 1 year… her 1st time homeschooling!!! We cannot thank Seton enough for all their help in helping her reach her goal to graduate early, what a blessing. Thank you again for working with us in our financial need; and our NEED for homeschooling!!!
God reward you a hundredfold!!!
John and Mary from Arkansas

After the pandemic, both my husband’s and my income were greatly reduced. The start of the school year arrived and we had not been able to collect the funds for our children’s tuition at Seton. Our anguish soon was turned into hope when we finally decided to ask for Seton financial aid. We received a warm and prompt response and the financial aid we so much needed. The children began this school year late, but were able to continue their education with the excellent Catholic curriculum Seton provides, that teaches academic knowledge along with our Catholic beliefs and values. We are forever grateful for this help in a time of need.
Elisabeth in the Dominican Republic

Over the 13 years we have used Seton curriculum, the staff has always been extremely supportive, helpful, charitable, and kind. For the first several years that we homeschooled, I prayed very hard that we would have the money to enroll all of our children some day because I knew it was going to be too difficult for me to manage the middle school years and up on my own. God has abundantly provided through Seton’s Financial Aid program and made enrollment for our family possible. I am extremely grateful to Seton for their Catholicity and warmness of heart, not to mention excellence in academics. My kids are truly doing amazing, spiritually and academically, and much of the reason is because of Seton books and services.
Amanda in North Dakota

Receiving financial aid for my family has been a tremendous help. My family does not feel restricted in getting a catholic education for my children by receiving this aid. It has helped me achieve education in the home not just for the three enrolled in the program but also preparing for the following future students for Seton Home Study, my 3 and 4-year-old. We get to attend Mass in the mornings and pray before we start our school work. We work all together at the dining table and learn more about our faith at different levels of education. As a family, we learn new each day.
Cristina in Virginia

If you or someone you know needs to apply to receive financial aid from Seton, please click HERE to learn more.