Catholic Materials

Faithfully Catholic. Academically Excellent.

Years ago, we realized that publishers were not producing the kinds of books that families needed: solidly Catholic, academically excellent, and geared toward homeschooling. So Seton started the long-term process of writing and producing our own books for our curriculum, specifically designed for Catholic homeschooling families.

Today, Seton is one of the largest publishers of Catholic textbooks in the United States. Publishing our own Catholic books has become a central part of Seton Home Study School. Producing our own books has allowed us to incorporate Catholic teachings throughout the program.

The main purpose of Catholic Homeschooling is to raise saints.

Dr. Mary Kay Clark, Director of Seton Home Study School


We believe that Catholic families who have chosen to homeschool their children deserve nothing less than the highest quality Catholic materials — and we continually strive to meet their expectations.


The Value of Your Enrollment

Your enrollment provides you with much more than just a box of books. It provides an accredited education, a strong support system, and a community of staff and homeschoolers who are in your corner. It provides access to academic and support counseling, grading and record keeping, and a solid Catholic curriculum that promotes strong Catholic values in each and every subject.

Catholic Materials

All of our books and materials are thoroughly Catholic, from beginning to end.

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Your enrollment includes daily lesson plans that are detailed but entirely flexible.

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Your enrollment includes access to MySeton, multimedia resources, and much more.

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Enrolled families can call or email our academic counselors for homeschooling help.

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Your enrollment includes grading services, academic record keeping, and more.

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Families can rest assured knowing that Seton is nationally accredited through MSA-CESS.

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