Online Resources

Innovative technology for homeschooling families.

Seton families receive a MySeton account that provides personalized resources for parents and students. Upon entering fourth grade, tests are available online. At all grade levels, you can submit papers electronically for grading, and correspond with the Seton Staff.

You also have access to our growing collection of multimedia aids, including our video tutorials. MySeton has daily online Lesson Plans that you can adjust according to your own family schedule.

MySeton Features

Each enrolled student and family has a personal online MySeton account that lists courses, quarter grades, assignment grades, credits, and more. This is your command center. From here, you can keep track of all information related to your courses.

Easily track academic progress throughout the school year.

Each student has an individual page with the courses for the current school year and all previous years with Seton. This page presents the year by quarter, so a student or parent can see which quarters have been completed per course.

Review all student grades and reports in one easy place.

When assignments are submitted online, or online tests are taken, the student will receive his graded assignments through his MySeton account, and can see the grades and the comments made by the graders.

View digital copies of assignments.

For many courses, the student can view or print his current assignment from an online-style Lesson Plan.

Request Student Transcripts.

Online transcript requests can be sent directly to the Seton registrar to obtain official transcripts on a timely basis.

Automatically generate customized, daily Lesson Plans.

Most courses have online printable Lesson Plans which can be adjusted to your own schedule. In MySeton, just click the “Print Lesson Plan” link on the blue bar to see a list of printable Lesson Plans.

Supplemental multimedia resources available for course work.

Through the student’s MySeton account, the student can find additional helpful course resources.  These resources vary according to subject, but include course notes, audio lectures, video tutorials, notices, updates, and answer keys.

Take tests online for instant submission to Seton for grading.

For most courses, the student can upload assignment submissions like book reports or math tests, or take online versions of his tests. Many online tests are automatically graded to provide instant feedback.

Update contact info and enrolled student information.

Using MySeton, parents can update their address, email address, and phone numbers. They can set communications preferences. Parents can also create and establish certain limits on student access accounts.

SetonOnline Digital Courses
for High School

SetonOnline digital courses combine the traditional homeschooling experience with cutting-edge online tools that deepen and enrich homeschooling for both students and parents. Featuring integrated multimedia and interactive lesson content, these enhanced courses have already become student favorites.

The Value of Your Enrollment

Your enrollment provides you with much more than just a box of books. It provides an accredited education, a strong support system, and a community of staff and homeschoolers who are in your corner. It provides access to academic and support counseling, grading and record keeping, and a solid Catholic curriculum that promotes strong Catholic values in each and every subject.

Catholic Materials

All of our books and materials are thoroughly Catholic, from beginning to end.

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Your enrollment includes daily lesson plans that are detailed but entirely flexible.

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Your enrollment includes access to MySeton, multimedia resources, and much more.

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Enrolled families can call or email our academic counselors for homeschooling help.

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Your enrollment includes grading services, academic record keeping, and more.

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Families can rest assured knowing that Seton is nationally accredited through MSA-CESS.

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