Eighth Grade Reading List

Eighth Grade Supplemental Reading List


Dictionary & Thesaurus:

Recommended Anthologies:

  • American Cardinal Readers, Book Eight (available at www.neumannpress.com). Book Eight contains sixty-one stories and poems, including the following titles: A Christmas Carol, Charles Dickens; Nature, Henry W. Longfellow; The Blessed Virgin, William Wordsworth; The Tragedy of Julius Caesar, William Shakespeare; Letter to Mrs. Bixby, Abraham Lincoln; The Gettysburg Address, Abraham Lincoln; The Chambered Nautilus, Oliver Wendell Holmes; Memorial Day Address, Woodrow Wilson; The Gentle Art of Christmas Giving, Joyce Kilmer; The Soul of Jeanne D’Arc; Howe’s Masquerade, Nathaniel Hawthorne; 148th Psalm; The Last Leaf, Oliver W. Holmes; The Solitary Reaper, William Wordsworth; and Marzio’s Crucifix.
  • Realms of Gold, Volume 3: (parental guidance advised – www.coreknowledge.org)
  • Our Country’s Founders: A Book of Advice for Young People, edited by William J. Bennett
  • Our Pioneers and Patriots, by Bishop Furlong (www.tanbooks.com)

Foreign Languages and Cultures:

International Children’s Digital Library (available at www.icdlbooks.org)

Book Report Books: Saints

Mary Fabian Windeat Books (available at www.setonbooks.com)

  • Pauline Jaricot
  • Saint Francis Solano
  • Saint Margaret Mary
  • Saint Paul the Apostle

Vision Books (available at www.setonbooks.com)

  • Francis and Clare: Saints of Assisi
  • Kateri Tekakwitha
  • Mother Seton and the Sisters of Charity
  • Saint Katharine Drexel
  • Vincent De Paul: Saint of Charity

Non-Fiction: American History

  • A History of US, (10 Volumes) Oxford University Press (www.oup.com/us/)
  • Through My Eyes, Ruby Bridges – parental guidance suggested – story of the Civil Rights Bill told from the perspective of Ruby Bridges, both as a six-year-old child dealing with integration and as an adult. [ISBN: 0-590-18923-9]
  • More non-fiction recommendations are available on the following web site: http://www.coreknowledge.org/CKproto2/resrcs/lessons/rbo.htm

Selected Suggestions for Home Reading from American Cardinal Readers, Book Eight:

  • Tanglewood Tales, by Nathaniel Hawthorne
  • Grandfather’s Chair, by Nathaniel Hawthorne
  • Otto of the Silver Hand, by Howard Pyle
  • Uncle Remus: His Songs and Sayings, by Joel Chandler Harris
  • Adventures of Sherlock Holmes, by Sir Arthur Conan Doyle
  • The White Company, by Sir Arthur Conan Doyle
  • Two Years Before the Mast, by Richard Henry Dana
  • Jesus of Nazareth; Home for Good, by Mother M. Loyola
  • The Red Book of Saints and Heroes, by Andrew Lang
  • Life of Washington, by Washington Irving


*asterisk indicates a book published by Bethlehem Books

  • Alcott, Louisa May; Little Women
  • Alcott, Louisa May; Little Men
  • Alcott, Louisa May; Eight Cousins
  • Benary-Ishbert, M.; Under a Changing Moon* – Catholic teenage girl in 19th century Germany
  • Defoe, Daniel; Robinson Crusoe
  • Dickens, C.; David Copperfield – David’s adventures and unusual friends
  • Forbes, Esther; Johnny Tremain
  • Forbes, K.; Mama’s Bank Account – humorous story of Norwegian-American family
  • Hilton, J.; Good-bye Mr. Chips – English school boys having fun and learning
  • Hunt, I.; Across Five Aprils – family farm life during the Civil War
  • Irving, Washington; Rip Van Winkle – Dutchman in America sleeps, wakes up 20 years later
  • Irving, Washington; The Legend of Sleepy Hollow – American legend
  • Keith, H.; Rifles for Watie – boy growing up during the Civil War
  • Lane, R. W.; Let the Hurricane Roar or Young Pioneers – frontier life in the Dakotas
  • Latnam, J. L.; This Dear-Bought Land – boy in Jamestown colony struggling to survive
  • Levitin, S.; Roanoke – young boy struggles for survival in the lost colony
  • O’Hara, M.; Green Grass of Wyoming – adventure with horses on a ranch
  • O’Hara, M.; Thunderhead
  • O’Hara, M.; My Friend Flicka
  • Poe, Edgar Allan; The Tell-Tale Heart
  • Richter, C.; Light in the Forest – boy raised by Indians is reunited with his family
  • Steinbeck, J.; The Pearl – the consequences of finding a pearl for a man and his wife
  • Stowe, H. Beecher; Uncle Tom’s Cabin
  • Trevor, Meriol; The Crystal Snowstorm* – young girl becomes a political pawn
  • Trevor, Meriol; The Rose Round* – a cripple teaches other the meaning of true love
  • Twain, M.; The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn – Huck and runaway slave adventures
  • Twain, M.; The Prince and the Pauper – boy-king exchanges life with a poor boy
  • Wallace, Imelda; Outlaws of Ravenhurst (available at www.neumannpress.com)
  • White, T. H.; The Sword in the Stone – boy must be made worthy to become king
  • Wibberley, L.; John Treegate’s Musket – boy involved in the American Revolution

Short Story Collections:

  • Fenner, P.; Brother against Brother – Stories of the War Between the States
  • Hawthorne, N.; Great Stone Face and other Tales
  • Fenner, P.; No Time for Glory. Stories of W. W. II
  • Poe, E. A.; Tales of Mystery and Imagination


(Name of person about whom book is written is listed first, then author and title.)

  • Adams, Samuel; Chidsey, D.; The World of Samuel Adams
  • Allan, Ethan; Holbrook, S.; America’s Ethan Allen
  • Barton, Clara; Nolan, J.; The Story of Clara Barton of the Red Cross
  • Boone, Daniel; Brown, J.; Daniel Boone, the Opening of the Wilderness
  • Douglass, Frederick; The Life and Times of Frederick Douglass
  • Geronimo; Wilson, C.; Geronimo
  • Houston, Samuel; Latham, J.; Retreat to Glory
  • Joseph (Chief of Nez Percé); Davis, R.; Chief Joseph, War Chief
  • Lincoln, A.; Sandburg, C.; Abraham Lincoln Grows Up
  • Revere, Paul; Forbes, E.; America’s Paul Revere
  • Sacagawea; Burt, O.; Sacagawea
  • Seton, Elizabeth Ann (available at http://emmitsburg.net/setonshrine)
  • Sitting Bull (check your library for various titles)
  • Tecumseh; Schraff, A.; Tecumseh
  • Washington, Booker T.; Washington, B. T.; Up From Slavery


  • Emerson, Ralph Waldo; Concord Hymn
  • Frost, Robert; North of Boston
  • Holmes, Oliver Wendell; A Ballad of the Boston Tea Party
  • Holmes, Oliver Wendell; Grandmother’s Story of Bunker Hill
  • Lanier, Sidney; Song of the Chattahoochee
  • Longfellow, Henry Wadsworth; Paul Revere’s Ride
  • Millay, Edna St. Vincent; Edna St. Vincent Millay Poems Selected for Young People
  • Poe, Edgar Allan; The Bells
  • Whitman, Walt; O Captain, My Captain
  • Wordsworth, William; The Daffodils; Lucy Gray


  • Barrie, James; Peter Pan
  • Burnett, Frances Hodgson; Little Lord Fauntleroy
  • Lamb, Charles; Tales from Shakespeare

Recommended Publishers:

Saints’ books may be obtained from the following Catholic publishers:

Seton Educational Media
1350 Progress Drive
Front Royal, Virginia 22630

Ignatius Press
P.O. Box 1339
Fort Collins, CO 80522
Fax 800-278-3566

The Neumann Press
Rt. 2 Box 30
Long Prairie, MN 56347
Fax 320-732-3858

Pauline Books and Media
Daughters of St. Paul
50 Saint Paul’s Avenue
Boston, MA 02130
Fax 617-524-8035

TAN Books
P.O. Box 424
Rockford, IL 61105
Fax 815-226-7770