Dual Enrollment

Frequently Asked Questions


Will Seton accept transfer credits from a college or university?

Yes. This is considered Dual Enrollment. To receive credit for college or university courses, Seton requires an official transcript to be sent to Seton from the school where the courses were taught. An online print off from the school’s website with courses and grades is not sufficient or official and thus does not meet this requirement.

Can any course be done as a Dual Enrollment course?

No. Not all courses or activities will qualify. For example, once enrolled, diploma-seeking Seton students are required to take Seton’s English, Theology, Biology, and Social Studies courses. However, many math, science, and foreign language courses can be done in this way. Electives and fine arts can also be done as a dual enrollment courses.

Are Dual Enrollment courses part of the GPA?

No. Because Seton does not grade the work, dual enrollment credit grades are not a part of the Seton GPA.

How much credit does a Dual Enrollment course receive?

All one semester, 3 credit (or equivalent) college courses receive a full credit, rather than a half credit in Seton’s system. For example Spanish 101, done over a Fall Semester, will be credited as the equivalent of 1 full year of high school Spanish.

Do I need to tell Seton I intend to do a Dual Enrollment course?

Yes, please do! Seton’s Guidance Department wants to ensure that you are on track for a Seton diploma, if that’s your plan, and will record your intention to Dual Enroll in your profile. In this way, we will know to expect a transcript from you for the courses in which you choose to dual enroll.